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You’re sending the Wolf? Why didn’t you say so?

Spend any time around the Hall of Fame, or the McKinley Grand Hotel and you begin to realize how connected Gil Brandt is. He is like the Wolf from Pulp Fiction.

Will Vikings suffer a letdown?

What do the Vikings do now?

Brett Favre‘s return to Minnesota seemed like a foregone conclusion. If you thought that Favre was going to retire, you were in the vast minority.

Staubach should be at the top of Cowboys’ all-time list

Michael Irvin is awesome. Anybody who has spent any time with Irvin around the offices of NFL Network (or otherwise) will likely tell you the same thing. Irvin is a great guy.

But he is not the No. 3 Cowboys player of all time.

Brandt: Colon’s fill-in already on Steelers’ roster

In a live chat Tuesday on, Gil Brandt suggested that Steelers first-round draft pick Maurkice Pouncey, a center/guard in college, might be able to make the move to right tackle and replace injured starter Willie Colon.

Mawae latest to pile on Haynesworth

Albert Haynesworth is not making a lot of friends these days. About the only person less popular than Haynesworth right now is the guy wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey while walking through Beacon Hill today.

Smith says Chargers moving on without holdouts

The Chargers will be moving on from WR Vincent Jackson and T Marcus McNeill, at least if the comments from A.J. Smith are any indication.

Roundup: Bryant impressive at team’s OTAs

Rookie WR Dez Bryant has been the best of OTAs and the worst of OTAs.

Everybody wants to chat with Brandt

Smaller video, aligns right … NEW YORK — It was only appropriate. On the day that he is being honored for his five decades of being so closely associated with the draft, Gil Brandt was interrupted Friday during his live chat by a phone call from Al Davis. Naturally, the Oakland Raiders’ Hall of Fame owner was calling to ask Brandt’s opinion about some prospects he was considering for Rounds 2 and 3. “Just wanted to ask me about some guys,” Gil wrote in the chat after a short break. “Would love to share that with you, but some things are privileged information.” Earlier in the cht, Brandt also shared some information he received in the form of a […]

Names to watch in the second round

With day two of the draft, and 66 more picks, in the immediate future, here’s a look at some of the top names still on the board.

Consensus was that Alualu was second-round pick

The consensus among our analysts was that DE Tyson Alualu was a second-round pick, a drastic gap from where the Jaguars selected him at No. 10 overall.

Rams are on the clock

No more mock drafts. This is the real deal, and Commissioner Roger Goodell just said “Let’s get started.”

Prospects take in Radio City Music Hall

The final phase of draft eve for the 2010 NFL Draft prospects concluded early Wednesday evening when the group of 17 players got their tour of Radio City Music Hall.’s Gil Brandt to be honored at the draft

As part of the 75th draft celebration, the NFL will honor Gil Brandt next Friday, April 23, during Round 2 of the NFL Draft. Before the Cowboys’ second-round selection, appropriately, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will make a short presentation and bring Brandt on stage to acknowledge his years of service.

Bryant will meet with 49ers, Broncos

With nine days to go before the primetime 2010 NFL Draft, it’s still very difficult to see through the smoke screens and get a handle on where Dez Bryant will land. Bryant, literally, is all over the board.

Campbell’s future could be linked to Clausen

With 10 days left until the NFL Draft, Jason Campbell represents an intriguing backup plan for teams who opt to pass on the top-tier quarterbacks. As such, his future seems to be tied closely to that of Jimmy Clausen.

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