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My story: The Saints fought at practice on Wednesday… so what?

You’ve probably read a bunch by now about the Saints fighting at practice, as it has drawn some headlines. While the NFL looks into it, the Saints are clear they know the rules to mini-camps and OTAs. But how much does this fight really mean? That was the subject of my story that came out today.  I laughed at LB Curtis Lofton’s story about how Falcons coach Mike Smith made him hold hands with a dude he fought a few years back. And I was intrigued by S Malcolm Jenkins talking about how the team actually got into a big fight at a practice before a playoff game last year. No wonder there were such shrugs yesterday. “During practice,” […]

Reactions to a rumble: Saints players explain why they all tried to fight each other

At a sweltering, dragging Saints mini-camp this morning, things got heated. I mean, it was already heated at over 100 degrees. But tempers flared. As you read on Twitter and right here, the Saints got into a little fracas, donnybrook, or brouhaha. A skirmish, perhaps. One might say rumble. After he had just been picked off twice during nickel day, QB Chase Daniel was pissed off that LB Curtis Lofton landed on him after trying to deflect a pass. Lofton came in unblocked, and touched Daniel. Uh oh. And it was on. Daniel threw the ball into the ground, it hit Lofton, and players came from all over to push, shove, and yell. “Don’t hit the quarterback!” Daniel screamed. Players […]

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