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Ten Easy Super Bowl Party Tips

By: Michelle Lynn Buckley Let’s be honest, if it came down to bare essentials, you could have a successful Super Bowl party with a big screen TV, a bowl of chips, and a room of your pals.  But wouldn’t it be nice to bump it up to the next level and be the party of the year?  Of course it would! Here are our Top Ten Tips for a touchdown of a time:

NFL Playoffs Bandwagon Guide for Dejected Fans

Have the NFL playoffs started with your favorite team left out in the cold? Well, have no fear. You can shamelessly join the bandwagon of one of the 12 remaining teams in the playoffs. Not sure who you want to be a fan of for the next month? No worries, you can follow our easy-to-use guide for choosing your new favorite team. Welcome to bandwagon fandom. All aboard!

Fans enjoy first access to library-like combine experience

Sitting in the upper levels of Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday were over 200 number-hungry football fans, and it was like a library up there.

Giants fans dominate the scene in Indy

The downtown Marriott is exactly 711 miles from MetLife Stadium, but you’d never guess that by the fervor on the hotel’s outside patio at 3 p.m. Sunday.

Fans come out in force for third day of draft

With the change of format this year, the final rounds are taking place on Saturday, and the crowd here is much larger and more lively.

By staying home, Graham escapes chorus of boos

Brandon Graham is headed to Philadelphia, and if he were at Radio City Music Hall, he’d be getting his introduction to the Giants-Eagles rivalry.

Senior Bowl has become a Mobile tradition

The motor homes began pouring in to Ladd-Peebles Stadium on Thursday, and are unlikely to slow down all the way until game time Saturday night. You can watch it live on NFL Network at at 4 p.m. ET, the pre-game show starts at 3.

Everybody has an opinion at the draft

In talking with dozens of fans here at Radio City Music Hall, there is no shortage of opinions on who they think their team should take.

NFL fans liven up Midtown Manhattan

One of the greatest aspects of the draft is the fan exuberance. Radio City Music Hall is surrounded by thousands of rabid followers peacefully screaming and chanting about their teams.

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