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Recapping this road trip: The Minneapolis edition

So, after a few crazy days in Minnesota, I’m back home in Dallas. Gotta say, it was eventful. We can all thank Percy Harvin for that. I’ve probably written enough on Harvin to last a lifetime. Maybe that was his idea — to get people to write about, notice, and talk about him. It worked. Want to hear about the trip? Some highlights… — Late yesterday, the Harvin saga reached a ridiculous point when Harvin took to Twitter to laugh at reports that he was unhappy and note that he’ll be at training camp. Um, ok then. What can we take from all this? Well, sounds like we all spent a lot of time on something that may just work out. Harvin’s issues — whatever […]

One man’s view on why so few top 10 rookie contracts are done…

The summer is almost upon us, with most teams finishing up their minicamps this week. For those who aren’t, they’ll wrap up next week. Given the new rookie wage scale, the common thought was that most rookie deals would be done before the summer. And yeah, most are. But not in the Top 8. As our friends at Pro Football Talk have explained, the battle over offset language has taken shape. Players and their agents, if players are cut before the end of their four-year deal, want to be able to “double-dip” and receive what’s left of their salary from the old team and a new salary with a new team. Teams don’t want that. They don’t understand why players should […]

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