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Pick Six: Rules changes that need to happen

Kickoffs are under review, yet the “Tuck Rule” doesn’t seem to be a problem. A scoring play might receive instant review status, which just seems foolish because the “Calvin Johnson rule” will still be in effect.

Competition committee faces interesting issues

In my mind, the most intriguing items on the competition committee’s agenda at next week’s NFL Annual Meeting involve player safety/concussions and overtime changes.

NFL is looking into Dallas video screens

There will be a conference call for the league’s Competition Committee to discuss the issue of the massive video screens in Dallas, according to a league source, after they were struck repeatedly by punters in warmups Friday night, and also during the preseason game between Dallas and Tennessee.

Millen’s departure causes a second vacancy

When Matt Millen was relieved of his duties with the Lions this week, it also created an opening on one of the NFL’s most important committees.

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