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Dear Internet: Oh, if only Rob Gronkowski and Kim Kardashian can get together…

Dear Interwebs: I don’t ask for much. Maybe a dumb picture here. Maybe a stupid movie there. Some sort of snarky article on Deadspin or the Big Lead will usually suffice. I’m low maintenance. But I will ask for something now. Hopefully, I’ve saved up my favors. Hopefully, one puny request won’t fall on deaf ears. Because last night, I came across this item on the gossip side of the Internet linking Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski and famous for something Kim Kardashian as a item.┬áThe “news” is short on details, and who knows if it’s real? I acknowledge that it could be completely bogus, just like all those ridiculous gossipy magazines The Banktress reads. But if it was real — […]

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