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It’s time for teams to stop caring whether their players are playing offseason hoops…

Earlier in the offseason, Ravens LB Terrell Suggs tore his Achilles. That, we know. How it happened? Well… that’s up for debate. An ESPN report seems to indicate the All-Pro injured himself playing in a basketball tournament, while Suggs has denied it¬†adamantly. I hate to say it, but with so many eyewitnesses, it makes Suggs’ denial seem… slightly far-fetched. But here’s my real question: Who cares?¬† So what if he injured his Achilles playing basketball? Who cares whether it popped because he was breaking down a defender off the bounce (hip hoops term alert!) or if he was doing a three-cone drill on a field? Is it actually worse to injure yourself playing basketball on a court than under the […]

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