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Shanahanigans? Redskins seek third-down back

In today’s Three and Out: Could Shanahanigans be making a return? MJD looks to be ready for camp and the Niners are considering WR help.

Three and out: Tebow to be involved in offense

Normally, I would make a joke here about all of the attention given to the Tim Tebow press conference, but I’m going to lead off with some Tebow news so it would be rather hypocritical.

Who should fill in for Andre Johnson?

Texans coach Gary Kubiak assured fantasy enthusiasts when he said that WR Dre Johnson was going to miss “some time.” And by assuring us, I mean he could not have been more vague. Oh well, hopefully Dre will start tweeting out MRI photos like his teammate Arian Foster did.

Injury roundup: Texans’ Foster still uncertain

The official Week 1 injury reports for all 32 teams are in, so let’s take a lap around the league to look at some of the notable players whose status might be in question this week.

Wait for word before releasing Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning has gone from fantasy superstar to being almost undraftable in just a few short weeks.

Three and out: Packers backfield is split

A split in the Packers’ backfield will be a pain for fantasy players — at least for now.

Three and out: Texans’ Foster expected to play Week 1

Arian Foster’s hamstring injury doesn’t appear to be as serious as originally feared, which should allow fantasy owners to breathe easier.

Three and out: Jags worried about Jones-Drew?

The Jaguars are reportedly worried about Maurice Jones-Drew’s knee. But should fantasy owners have the same concerns?

Three and out: No alarm over Peyton Manning

Colts QB Peyton Manning underwent neck surgery earlier in the week, but the procedure shouldn’t affect his immense value in fantasy land.

Brandt: Lockette could be a steal

It seemed like an unfair question. Someone asked analyst Gil Brandt during a live chat Monday afternoon what player at the NFL Scouting Combine might be the biggest steal of the later rounds in April’s draft. Rather than sidestep the question, however, Brandt had a ready response.

Monday Infirmary Report

A one-liner look at the latest injury updates from around the league in Week 15.

Injury Roundup: T.O. done for season

An updated look at some of the notable injuries around the league in Week 15.

Jags’ Garrard, Jones-Drew active; Colts’ Collie back

In one of the biggest games in franchise history, the Jaguars avoided disaster when QB David Garrard (hamstring) and RB Maurice Jones-Drew (knee) were deemed healthy enough to play Sunday against the Colts.

Colts’ Collie, Addai out for Thursday

The Colts will be without WR Austin Collie and RB Joseph Addai vs. the Titans on Thursday, team owner Jim Irsay said via his Twitter account.

Manning can’t overshadow all of Colts’ problems

It’s been interesting to watch just how much things have changed for the Colts over the course of the season, because we’ve witnessed a progression in how the greatness of Peyton Manning can overshadow other issues on his team.

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