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Bears RB Forte has landed on the list

There were a fair number of fantasy disappointments in the — what we on the West Coast call — the 10 a.m. games. And a number of them are now on ‘the list.’

Overreaction Theater: McFadden best RB ever!

Raiders fans are known for their overreactions. Don’t believe me? Greyhound had to shutdown its servers last night because Raiders fans flooded the system booking travel to Dallas for the Super Bowl following Sunday’s beat down of the Broncos, which proved — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that greatness is in the future for the Silver & Black.

Urlacher among players speaking out over hits

It’s no surprise that word from players around the league has started to filter out over the last 24 hours following the NFL’s crackdown on illegal helmet-to-helmet hits.

Bradshaw: Players understand dangers of game

Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw said during a visit to the NFL Network studios on Tuesday that he didn’t think the league was over-reacting to the recent string of concussions, but the speed of the game dictates big hits are part of the game.

Jacobs a true fantasy vulture

Giants RB Brandon Jacobs looked destined for the fantasy wood pile after disappearing in Week 2 and Week 3, but the bruising back has become a fantasy vulture after scoring his second touchdown of the game.

WR Johnson, RB Bradshaw expected to play Sunday

Finally, some good news. NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora is reporting that Texans WR Andre Johnson and Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw are expected to play on Sunday according to sources. Which is good because many are predicting a shootout in this one.

Bradshaw sneaks a peek, costs himself a TD

Remember that heady play last season when Maurice Jones-Drew cost fantasy enthusiasts a touchdown by falling on the 1-yard line, giving his team a win, but costing us valuable points? Remember that?

It’s time to dump Jacobs … seriously

It’s time to rid yourself of the fantasy bust that is Brandon Jacobs.

Seconding Jacobs’ desire to be traded

Giants RB Brandon Jacobs reportedly wants to be traded. The Giants should totally consider that.

Giants RB Bradshaw poised for monster game

There are a few things that signal the beginning of a new NFL season. Brett Favre throwing his first interception. Randy Moss lashing out at somebody. And Bob Sanders being injured.

Bradshaw, Spiller should start in Week 1

After watching about a half hour’s worth of the final week of preseason, some truths have surfaced in such a short time.

All eyes on Anderson on Saturday night

The Cardinals will give QB Derek Anderson a chance to prove that he should be the team’s signal caller as they travel to Chicago to take on the Bears.

WR Wallace will be driving wedge between friends

There is a guy in my Corona Football Fantasy League — lets call him Jimmy, because that is his name — who is my absolute foil. I like a player, Jimmy always ends up taking him one round before I get a chance.

Bradshaw is headed for a great season

One my top sleepers, breakout guy, or dude who is going to be better than you think is Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw. Maybe it is the years of disappointment that I had with Brandon Jacobs, or my belief that Eli Manning cannot toss for 4,000 yards again, but Bradshaw is the goods.

Keep tabs on running backs for Jets, Giants

Find out what I’ll be watching on Monday night when the NFL concludes the first week of the preseason in the Big Apple.

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