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Overreaction Theater II: Rivers taking Mathews’ carries

Chargers backup RB Mike Tolbert got a goal-line carry last week, and the hysteria among fantasy enthusiasts was palpable. Rookie RB Ryan Mathews was going to lose carries on the goal line, some yelped. Like they were George Costanza or something.

Overreaction Theater: Foster will be benched

Texans RB Arian Foster will be benched for the entire season!

At least that is the snap judgement in this edition of Overreaction Theater.

WR Wallace will be driving wedge between friends

There is a guy in my Corona Football Fantasy League — lets call him Jimmy, because that is his name — who is my absolute foil. I like a player, Jimmy always ends up taking him one round before I get a chance.

Going gaga over Cooley

You can already see the difference Donovan McNabb makes with the Redskins. On third-and-14, McNabb hit TE Chris Cooley for a 15-yard reception for a first down.

Palmer, Owens go deep to set up TD

Well, they do call it preseason for a reason. The Eagles and Bengals starters combined for no points for most of the first half on Friday night. The two offenses looked like junior high school kids sitting across from each other at a dance.

Tolbert not a threat to Mathews’ goal-line carries

Fantasy enthusiasts can certainly be a panicky bunch. One of the kids in the fantasy forums was worried that Mike Tolbert was going to take goal-line carries away from Ryan Mathews.

Fantasy enthusiasts looking for something from Palmer

QB Carson Palmer is on the hot seat. An obvious statement, like saying that LeGarrette Blount needs to stop punching people.

McCoy brightest offensive standout at Eagles camp

The Eagles feel like one of those television shows that have been on the air so long that the producers shuffle the cast to keep things fresh. Kind of like Law and Order. Which to me was never the same once Angie Harmon left. And I feel the same way about the Eagles this season.

Falcons want to get Turner involved in passing game

Apparently Falcons coach Mike Smith did not run Michael Turner enough in 2008, now he is determined to get Turner involved into the passing game, too.

Patriots waste no time making Welker welcome

Patriots WR Wes Welker returned to real game action on Thursday night, making an appearance during the team’s first drive against the Falcons. Tom Brady did not waste any time getting the ball to Welker, either.

Spiller makes his presence known

Here is all you need to know about C.J. Spiller — he is a playmaker.

Welker is running, Twitter is aflutter

Patriots WR Wes Welker is out running wind sprints on the turf at the Georgia Dome — in anticipation of tonight’s game in Atlanta — and the Twitter universe is blowing up.

Collie making most of opportunity

Colts WR Pierre Garcon and TE Dallas Clark will sit out tonight’s contest against the Bills, as noted here on Tuesday. So one of the keys that I will be watching Thursday night is who gets the start at receiver opposite Reggie Wayne.

Jimmy Johnson went a month without hairspray

In what could only be viewed as one of the most surprising developments of the summer, former Cowboys and Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson went a month without hairspray.

Spiller expected to get a ton of work vs. Colts

Bills coach Chan Gailey told the team’s official Web site that he expects rookie RB C.J. Spiller to get a lot of reps against the defending AFC champions on Thursday night.

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