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Irvin: Carolina needs players for Cam’s success

The question about Cam Netwon‘s ability to be a franchise quarterback is moot, according to our Michael Irvin. The true question is if Carolina has the players that will allow Newton to reach his full potential. Irvin talks about that and more.

Data Points: Top LBs rarely match hype

According to analyst and legendary Dallas Cowboys personnel guru Gil Brandt, six linebackers have been drafted in the top 10 during the past decade with less-than-fantastic results … like having only one Pro Bowl appearance collectively.

Data Points: Tight end a safe pick in first round

If you haven’t heard it yet, you’re bound to catch it at some point this weekend. Someone, whether it’s a draft analyst, host, or just the burly guy drinking a PBR next to you at the sports bar, will wonder aloud why a team would take a tight end in the first round.

Draft Countdown: Thrills start in three days


If you’re a draftnik, and if you think Mike Mayock and Mel Kiper are like Axl and Slash, then you know what’s in three days. The path to prime time is getting short, as draft weekend starts Thursday.

So if the NFL draft is just three days away, then what are some good draft 3s?

Fairley: ‘My best years are ahead’

When it comes to the downside of the draft process — when his work ethic, consistency and character are questioned at seemingly every turn — Auburn DT Nick Fairley does his best to ignore it.

Draft Countdown: Dressed to the 9s

Nine Tonight. I’m not sure what Bob Seger was singing about on that tune, but as of this evening, there are just nine more until we get to April 28, day one of the NFL Draft. This svelte number traditionally has meant a lot to many people, from nine lives to Roger Maris (a No. 9), and his 61 home runs.

Draft Countdown: Tark was a perfect 10

Ten. It’s more than Bo Derek in 1979. It’s even more than Pearl Jam’s best album. Right now, 10 is how many days we have left on the Path to Primetime. You might be wondering what that number means in the lexicon of the NFL draft.

Brooks: Can Smith switch sides?

Our Bucky Brooks chatted with users on Thursday afternoon, talking about offensive tackles in the upcoming draft. With all of the focus being on the quarterbacks, it is easy to forget just how important a good offensive lineman can mean to a franchise.

Lombardi: Panthers should go Gabbert

As the NFL Draft draws closer, the consensus is building among our NFL insiders and analysts that Cam Newton will be the first overall pick by the Carolina Panthers.

Casserly: Dolphins shouldn’t reach for QB

There’s no shortage of opinions among draft pundits about what the Miami Dolphins should do with the No. 15 overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Data Points: Fewer first-round running backs

Between the emphasis on the passing game, backfields by committee, and the realization that good running backs can be found later in the draft, first-round running backs are becoming a rarity.

Draft Countdown: T-minus two weeks

Two weeks. That’s how long we’ve got until Day One of the NFL Draft. Two weeks goes by fast. Remember how fast your two-week, low carb diet went? Okay, maybe not… but April’s biggest weekend is right around the corner. So with 14 days left, where does 14 fit in the pantheon of draft history?

Lombardi: Mallett-to-Seahawks makes sense

As the NFL Draft draws closer, many of the dots between teams and how they’ll remedy their problems start to get connected. The Seahawks and what direction they take at quarterback is no exception.

Billick: Ingram better than rated

NFL Network analyst Brian Billick opened his running back chat on on Tuesday by saying that the value of today’s running back as been diminished, not because of skill, but because team are not putting a high value on the position. That shouldn’t matter to Mark Ingram.

Brandt: Broncos could go QB at No. 2

Gil Brandt still believes in Tim Tebow as a viable NFL quarterback, but he does buy into the notion that John Elway and John Fox might not share his opinion — and that they very well could take a quarterback with the second overall pick in the draft.

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