Big defenses

The defenses are putting on a show so far tonight. Both are negating the run game, both are pressuring the quarterback. If this keeps up, field position will be key the rest of the way.

Anderson coming back?

X-rays on Willie Anderson’s left ankle were negative. Anderson is going to have his ankle taped and try to play again.

McGahee missing

It’s amazing how little is made of the fact the Ravens have turned to McClain over McGahee on a nearly full-time basis. Dude is a flat-out bruiser in a Jerome Bettis or Bam Morris mold. Then when you throw Lorenzo Neal back there, those are some big boys.

Cowboys pressure

Dallas is getting great pressure on Flacco in the red zone – leading to a turnover and then forcing the Ravens into a field goal attempt.

Gun Show

It’s almost a shame that Ed Hochuli is wearing sleeves tonight. Anyways, he gives the best explinations of any referee.

Checking Willile

The Ravens carted Willie Anderson off the sidelines and brought him back to the locker room for X-rays on his ankle.

Slowing Ware

The Ravens have been leaving Jared Gaither alone on DeMarcus Ware. That’s a matchup to watch. The Cowboys may move Ware around to take advantage of Willie Anderson being out.

Bright lights

Atmosphere at Texas Stadium tonight is like a Super Bowl. Flashbulbs keep exploding, people snapping pictures of the last NFL game at Texas Stadium. It’s the kind of thing you see at the Super Bowl — and the Texas Stadium finale.

Big Willie

Ravens OT Willie Anderson is down now. Replays show¬†a Dallas player hit his lower right leg while he was blocking. Would be a tough, tough¬†loss for the Ravens. Anderson isn’t putting weight on the leg as trainers help him off.

Barber mystery

It really is the Great Marion Barber Mystery. Wade Phillips told me he’s starting. Then choice does. Bizarre.

Choice the choice

As we see Dallas again, it’s more Tashard Choice. People forget he was the ‘other’ rookie RB the Cowboys took after Felix Jones.

Mason factor

That’s not good for the Ravens. Mason was even wearing a harnass on the shoulder tonight.

Mason down

Derrick Mason is down for the Ravens. He initially dislocated his shoulder against the Texans in Week 10, and played the whole second half with that injury.

Barber a mystery

We have yet to see Marion Barber tonight. Lots of Tashard Choice. The Cowboys may not use MB3 unless they need to.

Ware watch

Ware is now three sacks away from breaking the NFL’s single-season mark.

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