Tick tock

For every first down the Ravens get, it’s taking time off the clock … time that is running out on the Cowboys.

Fourth quarter

As the Ravens try to close out the Cowboys, it should be noted they’re tied for the best fourth quarter point differential (+52) in the NFL this season.

Slow to adjust

The Cowboys finally seem to have found a rhythm on offense. Getting the ball in the hands of the people who can make plays. Took way too long to make this adjustment.

Gutsy call

Word. And how many rookie head coaches fighting for a playoff spot would run a fake field goal on the road?

Missed chances

Dallas has missed soooo many chances at big plays. A long pass to T.O – incomplete. A long pass to Miles Austin – incomplete. A fumble into Ken Hamlin’s hands – bounces out. Dallas keeps this up, it is going to be bounced from the playoff picture.

Special teams

This has turned into a field-position game and Baltimore is winning. Winning on special teams. One reason they’re winning.

Strategicially thinking

The Cowboys are not going to beat the Ravens running the ball on first and second down, and putting themselves in difficult third-down situations. That plays into Rex Ryan’s hands. A game of field position.

Good call

Talk about a perfect play call earlier. DeMarcus Ware went from right to left end, and Joe Flacco bootlegged to Ware’s former side for a first down.

Man with a plan

Right or wrong, Cam Cameron is sticking with the run. The Ravens are not deviating from the plan.

Battered Baltimore

More injuries for the Ravens — CB Fabian Washington just hobbled off the field.

Play makers

If the Cowboys can’t get the ball deep, they at least need to get the ball in the hands of Witten and Owens. Whatever it takes.

No ‘quit’ in Mason

Derrick Mason is back in to start the second half. Tough as nails. How much he can contribute is another story.

Bright lights

On the pass to T.O., know that it’s not easy to pick up a ball in these lights. Walking on the field pregame, I looked into the lights and wondered how you see the ball. Now I know. They don’t always.

Throwing deep

Just from the eye test, Tony Romo looks to be having trouble throwing the deep ball due to his lower back issue. Several of his deep passes have floated. It takes a lot of torso strength to get the ball downfield.

Mason missing

Derrick Mason tried to come back but couldn’t. He just left the field with the same left shoulder injury. Guess is, done for the night.

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