McNabb undecided on retirement plans

PHILADELPHIA — Ex-Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb said Saturday that he has not yet decided whether he will retire or not and currently is weighing his options.

McNabb, who was released by the Vikings on Dec. 1, 2011, traveled from Minnesota to Philadelphia to attend Brian Dawkinsretirement press conference. The Eagles announced that Dawkins’ No. 20 jersey will be retired on Sept. 30 when the Eagles play a Week 4 game against the Giants. McNabb’s visit to the Eagles’ team facility was his first since he left the team in a trade to the Redskins following the 2009 season.

McNabb said he would have traveled from anywhere on the map to support Dawkins’ career.

In attendance at Dawkins’ news conference were McNabb, team owner Jeffrey Lurie, coach Andy Reid, Michael Vick and multiple other players.

Rebecca Haarlow

Justin Blackmon doesn’t feel pressure of No. 1 receiver

The Jacksonville Jaguars traded up to select Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon with the fifth pick in the NFL draft, but the rookie told NFL Network Friday he doesn’t feel pressure to come in and be the No. 1 receiver for quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

“I wouldn’t say its pressure,” Blackmon said. “I think it’s just going in and doing what I’ve been doing and that’s playing football staying focused and working hard at all times.”

Willie McGinest to Wes Welker: Stop being a diva

Ex-Patriots normally don’t take too kindly to behavior that potentially detracts from team goals (see: Tedy Bruschi and Chad Ochocinco, 2011).

So you can imagine what NFL Network analyst Willie McGinest thinks of Patriots WR Wes Welker‘s statement Tuesday that he’s “probably not” going to attend the team’s mandatory June 12-14 minicamp unless he receives a long-term contract.

“I just don’t like the diva attitude,” McGinest, who played in New England from 1994 to 2005, said on “NFL Total Access.” “Let’s keep it real. Prior to the Patriots, this is a guy who played three years, had 96 receptions, never had a 1,000-yard season. …

“This $9 million-plus that they’re offering is half of his last contract. That’s a lot of money. Let’s not forget that they signed Brandon Lloyd, they signed (WR Anthony Gonzalez), they signed (WR Deion) Branch back, they got the two tight ends; they have weapons on that offense. So look, Wes, it’s time to take off the leopard-printed cowboy boots, get off the party tour and get back to work.”

Lombardi, Prisco agree to disagree on Blaine Gabbert

Michael Lombardi wrote on in December that he hadn’t seen a “(high) first-round pick look as scared or out of place” as Jacksonville Jaguars rookie QB Blaine Gabbert.

CBS Sports senior writer Pete Prisco, an admitted Gabbert defender, recently showed the Jaguars QB what Lombardi wrote — and drew quite a reaction.

Lombardi and Prisco went head-to-head Wednesday on “NFL Total Access” to debate Gabbert’s future.

“Not to insult Mike, he said, ‘Who’s Mike Lombardi?’ ” Prisco said. “I said, ‘Mike has an opinion like we all have opinions,’ and Mike’s opinion on him was that he wasn’t very good and didn’t do a very good job last year and played scared, and to be honest with you, that’s a perception of a lot of people and he has to understand that.”

Lombardi argued that perception is reality in this case.

“I don’t think it really was a perception,” he said. “I thought the reality was, look, he fumbles 14 times behind the center and he really got rid of the football way too early.”

Lombardi added: “If I’m in Jacksonville, having been an executive for over 20 years in the league, I would be concerned with putting all my stock in Blaine Gabbert.”

When will Tebow start?

Since Tim Tebow arrived in New York, the question has lingered: Will the signal-caller seize the Jets’ starting job from Mark Sanchez? Tuesday’s NFL schedule release provided some reference points for those caring to predict when a change under center might happen this season.

The “NFL Total Access” crew agreed that Tebow would figure prominently into the Jets’ plans, but predictions varied on if and when Tebow would become a starter. Michael Irvin said that Sanchez could see the hook by Week 3 if he’s not careful.

“You mess around and lose that Buffalo Bills opener, and then Pittsburgh knocks you around — he won’t be starting by the Miami Dolphins game,” Irvin said.

Marshall Faulk was less convinced of Tebow’s potential to leapfrog his friend on the depth chart.

“I don’t think there’s going to be a scenario, unless Mark Sanchez gets hurt, in which Tim Tebow does start,” Faulk said. “I think the money they gave to Sanchez says, ‘he’s going to be our starter.'”

The one consensus reached on “Total Access”? Sanchez will face heat if Tebow prospers in his role as a Wildcat quarterback.

“(Tebow) is going to be playing in an offense that’s completely different than what every team is going to be preparing for,” Kurt Warner said. “(Other teams) are going to be preparing for Mark Sanchez and what they’re going to do for 40 snaps. He comes in for 15 and has a little bit of success. And then Mark doesn’t have success – it’s a perfect scenario to say, ‘well, he is having success for 15 plays. Let’s play him for 20 or 25.'”

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Steve Smith learns from Cam Newton

For an 11-year veteran of the Carolina Panthers who just signed a three-year contract extension on Tuesday, wide receiver Steve Smith sure feels like he can learn a lot from his young quarterback, Cam Newton.

“I’m always feeling like a kid, obviously by the shirt it shows that.” Smith told NFL Network while wearing a Panther blue t-shirt featuring the character Gizmo from the Gremlins.

“The one thing that I think helped me was don’t think about what I could teach him, Cam. I would see what I could learn from Cam,” Smith said. “A young guy with a fresh pair of eyes, a new perspective, being at the college level coming into an organization he knows nothing about. The things he sees and observes is totally different from me because I am a little skewed because of how long I’ve been here.

As a veteran, who has been a part of the Panthers organization for more than a decade, Smith said Newton provided new energy and a fresh perspective that opened his eyes.

“I mean with Cam coming along and what he has done as a first overall pick, as a quarterback, as a young guy is contagious.” Smith said. “No matter how old you are or how young you are. Whether you’re a little kid or a big kid, it’s contagious and everybody wants to be involved in it.

“I learned a lot from him and continue to learn a lot from him as well.”

Sandwich controversy at NFL Media’s Huddle Cafe?

On his last visit to NFL Network, Mark Sanchez enjoyed chef Karl Matz‘s turkey panini so much that he ordered two of them two take with him on his way out.

Thus the “Sanchini,” the Huddle Cafe’s tribute to Sanchez, was born.

Mmmmm, the "Tebowich" just oozes with potential. (Ben Liebenberg/NFL)

But the response to the Sanchini, made on sourdough bread with green onions, cheddar cheese and pesto mayo, was uninspiring. Kind of like Sanchez.

In fact, the Sanchini was so underwhelming that chef Matz was forced to remove it from the cafeteria’s menu.

Matz searched for years for a proper follow-up to the Sanchini. Something and NFL Network’s employees could get behind.

The Sapp Wrap? Too filling.

The Dukes Quesadilla? Too spicy.

The Rich Eisen Special? What, exactly, is a Rich Eisen special?

Enter the “Tebowich.” Made on focaccia bread, Matz’s culinary tribute to Tim Tebow features marinated skirt steak, fontina cheese, red onions, roasted red peppers tomatoes and garlic aioli.

This blogger has sampled the goods and while I wouldn’t make it my go-to sandwich, the results are good enough. Certainly better than the “Sanchini.” I wouldn’t normally associate the combined ingredients with a hearty meal, but the flavors blend well together in a surprisingly unconventional fashion. The tomatoes and peppers add a certain sloppiness that I’d hope to avoid, but the end result is satisfyingly good. This is no backup sandwich.

Carnegie Deli can have its “Jetbow.” The Huddle Cafe has the “Tebowich.”

— Aron Angel

Billick not sure Parcells is ’emotionally ready’ to coach again

Former NFL head coach Brian Billick isn’t sold on the idea of Bill Parcells coming out of retirement to coach the New Orleans Saints during Sean Payton‘s one-year suspension. NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora reported that Payton met with the two-time Super Bowl winner on Tuesday to discuss a possible role with New Orleans, but no decision has been made.

“It would certainly work for New Orleans — what a great pickup for them to have someone with those credentials to come in and mentor this team basically through the entire year,” Billick said Tuesday on NFL Network’s “Total Access.” “I don’t know if it works for Bill Parcells. When you’re thinking about retiring, or you’re retired, you’re retired. And to come back in under these circumstances, to put the Hall of Fame vote on hold … does it tarnish that image, does it tarnish that chance? It doesn’t sound like Bill Parcells is emotionally ready to come back into the fray.”

Parcells was rejected for Hall of Fame induction in 2012. If he returns to coaching in any capacity, he would have to wait another five years after his subsequent retirement to be eligible again.

Billick says whoever takes over as interim coach of the Saints has to make the job his own.

“No matter who they bring in as the coach — Bill Parcells, (offensive coordinator) Pete Carmichael, (defensive coordinator) Steve Spagnuolo, come April 1, this has to be their team. They cannot operate as a head coach wondering ‘I wonder what Sean would do here; I wonder what Sean would want me to do here …’

“Sean Payton by every account has got to totally remove himself from the process.”

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Jets and Jaguars back to talking Tebow trade with Broncos

The Jets and Jaguars are now in discussions with the Broncos about a potential trade for QB Tim Tebow, league sources said Wednesday.

The Jets had previously announced that they had agreed with the Broncos on a trade, but the deal hit a snag when it came to the Broncos’ desire to recoup $5 million that they had paid in Tebow’s original rookie contract.

Michael Lombardi

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Young: Sanchez should shake off potential Tebow trade

It’s yet to be seen if the Jets will complete their trade for QB Tim Tebow. But if the former Broncos signal-caller is bound for New York, Jets QB Mark Sanchez could be put off by the acquisition.

In his sit-down with NFL Network, free-agent QB Vince Young said Sanchez shouldn’t take the trade as a slight and instead prove the team was right to give him a three-year extension during the offseason.

“I know it’s tough for him with a guy like Tim Tebow coming to be a part of your team and taking a bit of your fame as a leader,” said Young, whom the Titans released before last season. “But at the same time, it’s a good thing as well. He can help out the running game. He can push you to play even better for your team.”

Young said the move also could prove tough for Tebow, but that such changes are the reality of playing in the NFL.

“Knowing how competitive he is and knowing how much fight and tears he put in for the Broncos, I feel the same way about him,” Young said. “It’s a tough situation, but it’s the nature of the game. As a quarterback, you have to suck it up and go do what’s best for yourself.”

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Buccaneers, Barber agree on one-year deal

The Buccaneers have agreed to a one-year deal with five-time Pro Bowl CB Ronde Barber, Fox Sports insider and NFL Network contributor Jay Glazer reported Wednesday.

The team later announced the deal, with Barber saying in a team-issued statement, “I’m really excited about the direction of the team, the moves we’ve made, and I can’t wait to get back to work.”

Barber will return for a 16th season, all with the Bucs. He has 43 interceptions in his career.

Barber signed a one-year deal last offseason. Barber, who will turn 37 in April, had surgery on a broken arm in January.

Broncos want $5M from Jets in Tebow trade

The Jets’ trade for Tim Tebow might have hit a snag, league sources told NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi.

The Broncos are attempting to recoup $5 million paid out on Tebow’s original rookie contract, but money typically isn’t exchanged in this way in trades like this. No team would ever agree to a deal like this, because it would be too complicated, according to Lombardi.

But, according to’s Jeff Darlington, Broncos sources contend there’s no reason for the Jets to be able to back away from their decision to trade for Tebow. The Jets agreed to the trade, even announcing it on their official Twitter page, a source said. It’s their problem — not the Broncos’ — that the Jets failed to review the language of Tebow’s contract before agreeing to the trade.

Several other teams, the sources contend, were unwilling to make the trade knowing they’d have to pay nearly $5 million to the Broncos, per the language of Tebow’s original contract. The fact that the Jets didn’t do this, a source says, isn’t the Broncos’ fault.

Though the Jets announced the trade, a league source told NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora that no trade papers were filed with the NFL on this deal, so there never was a fully valid trade.

Dialogue is ongoing between the Jets and Broncos, but from a legal standpoint, the trade never was registered with the NFL.

Bengals, RB Green-Ellis agree to terms on deal

The Bengals and free-agent RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis have agreed to terms on a deal, league sources said Wednesday.

The New York Post reported Tuesday that the Jets were interested in the former Patriots back. NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora previously reported that Green-Ellis was visiting the Bengals and the Patriots had been interested in re-signing him.

Green-Ellis rushed for 667 yards and 11 touchdowns with the Patriots last season. He has 2,064 rushing yards and 29 touchdowns in four seasons, all in New England.

Michael Lombardi

Rams have strong interest in QB Tebow

League sources said Wednesday that the Rams are strongly interested in acquiring one-time Broncos starting QB Tim Tebow.

The Rams join the Jets and the Jaguars as teams in the market for Tebow.

The Broncos are exploring what they could get in a trade for Tebow after landing Peyton Manning.

Michael Lombardi

Jets, Jaguars interested in trading for Tebow

The Jaguars and Jets, along with several other teams, have serious interest in trading for Broncos QB Tim Tebow, a league source told NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi on Tuesday.

Lombardi reported earlier in the day that five teams had contacted the Broncos about a possible Tebow trade.

Moments after the news broke Monday that Peyton Manning would be joining the Broncos, a source told NFL Network’s Albert Breer that the team had begun to explore Tebow deals and was looking for a trading partner.

The Broncos are expected to be agreeable toward what teams are willing to give in any potential Tebow trade, according to Lombardi. Denver used a first-round pick (25th overall) to take Tebow in the 2010 NFL Draft.

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