Improved ball security should put Peterson back on top

After spending some time in Minnesota, I believe Vikings running back coach Eric Bieniemy might help Adrian Peterson take his game from good to great.

Vince is too Young to lead

The Tennessee Titans are still waiting for Vince Young to show the kind of maturity and leadership they can count on.

Why the Redskins are the best team for McNabb

For many reasons, I believe the Redskins are the best team for Donovan McNabb, including the fact that he’ll be greatly appreciated in our nation’s capitol far more than he ever was in the City of Brotherly Love.

Owners resorted to gimmicks in OT rule change

By changing the overtime sudden-death rule in playoff games, the NFL Competition Committee has opened a Pandora’s box that could lead to even more changes when the novelty of the new modification grows dull.

Scenes from a Super sideline

Even before riding along with the New Orleans Saints with a police escort from the team hotel to Sun Life Stadium for Super Bowl XLIV, I gained a better understanding of the love affair Saints fans have for their team, and the love the team has for its fans.

Divisional preview: Colts will have sense of urgency

With the divisional round of the playoffs approaching, I wanted to share some thoughts with you on the four matchups this weekend.

Even without Welker, Patriots are far from done

Once again the Patriots’ early demise is being greatly exaggerated. Even with the loss of WR Wes Welker, who led the league with 123 receptions, the Patriots have always been prepared for what comes next.

There’s no room to second-guess Belichick

Championship coaches and players do not flinch at the thought of failure or injury. They don’t play the “what if” game, either. That’s what separates them from others. To play or not play his starters was never a dilemma for Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Some underdogs could spring upsets in AFC

Let’s take a look at some key games in the AFC this weekend.

When Brady practices, Patriots are perfect

It appears as though someone has awakened the sleeping giant. It’s also become clear that if you are a Patriots hater, then it is probably best to remain silent and not rekindle the championship fire that most had thought was extinguished.

Playing backups is actually good for Colts in long run

The Indianapolis Colts arrived in Jacksonville wanting to accomplish three things: Stay healthy, play hard, and win. Mission accomplished.

Bengals stumble in Oakland

After sweeping both the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers for the first time in franchise history, the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday were looking for their first ever win in Oakland. They didn’t get it.

Panthers played right into Dolphins’ hands

While standing on the Panthers’ sideline for the entire game Thursday night, I saw several things that suggested their game plan was geared more toward passing than running the ball.

High production, low maintenance wideouts

So many wide receivers today need to conjure up a dance or a corny routine in order to garner media attention. Even after making a simple first down, the truly self-centered divas have become their own endorsement-seeking public relation firms. Gaudy numbers really don’t tell the full story, or properly measure the true worth of just a few wide receivers who go about doing their work while putting the goals of the team before their own.

More to come from Colts-Texans rivalry

In preparing to call the Colts-Texans game for CBS, I expected a very good game Sunday and it lived up to the billing.

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