Mallett-to-Patriots is best fit among rookie QBs

The top seven quarterback prospects all went early in the 2011 NFL Draft, many of them earlier than expected. But each quarterback enters a different scenario with his new team, with unique circumstances determining how early they will be expected to contribute.

Broncos, Texans doing it all for their defenses

The Broncos and Texans, both of whom will run new schemes next season, realize they can immediately make a move because this is a great draft for defense.

Colts’ draft all about protecting Manning

It’s no secret that the Colts’ offensive line has been breaking down and they need to start protecting Peyton Manning, who isn’t getting any younger. So it’s no surprise that they filled two of their pressing needs with offensive linemen in the first two rounds of the draft.

Unsung heroes make the big plays for Packers

The Packers came into the Super Bowl, heck into the playoffs, with 15 players on injured reserve. They leave Cowboys Stadiums as World Champions. And they leave with 44 players under 30. The Packers could very well be on the verge of a dynasty.

Packers must continue to attack

The Packers cannot sit on this, you cannot play on this run defense. They have to come out and throw the ball as they have been. If they show pass on the first play, then Dick LeBeau will blitz. It’s up to Aaron Rodgers to find the blitz and hit the slant. Just like he did to Jordy Nelson earlier.

Packers finally hit the slant to set up TD

The Packers have a slant package which is really been their bread and butter. But the receivers reactions has been terrible, with at least five drops. Either the passes have been too hard, or the receivers aren’t seeing the ball, but the slant game has been non-existent.

Steelers go back to pounding the ball

The Steelers came out with a strong running formation with two tight ends, two running backs and one receiver. The Packers went with a 4-4 defense and only three defensive backs. That is a defense designed to stop the run and the Packers couldn’t.

WR Ward comes up big for Steelers

Big series all in shotgun, empty with no backs. Green Bay decided not to pressure, went with mostly three- or four-man rush and the Steelers were able to move the ball.

Rodgers able to go vertical

Four play drive, touchdown off a turnover for the Packers. Again, earlier in the drive, the Packers anticipating blitz, block Troy Polamalu and get a big gain to Jordy Nelson. The Steelers then go to four-man rush and Rodgers hits seam route for the touchdown.

LeBeau’s answer is to bring the heat

Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau‘s answer in that last drive was pressure.

Packers CB Williams key on Steelers’ drive

The Steelers went on a 12-play drive and only got three points. To me that is not good. You have to come up with more than three points.

Packers running well enough to exploit Steelers

The Packers are certainly eating their cake and having it, too. The Packers are using seven man protection via the play-action pass.

Some early observations from the press box

A few quick observations/concerns as we get ready for kickoff of Super Bowl XLV.

Two tight ends to watch at Senior Bowl

A pair of tight ends have stepped out from the pack and flashed some intriguing skills this week during Senior Bowl practices.

Burney stands out during the North practice

North Carolina cornerback Kendric Burney had a sensational session at the North’s morning practice Thursday.

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