Commish must suspend Stallworth for one year

Donte Stallworth is doing what the knucklehead former Giant diva WR should have done: Admit his culpability, except his penance and move on with his life. By doing so, Donte has evaded the inferno of prison but I believe he should receive hell’s fire from Roger Goodell.

Belichick is the NFL’s ‘Zen Master’

Few can argue that Phil Jackson might be the best coach in the history of professional sports. Ten NBA world championships in the modern era speak for themselves. But upon closer examination, I find similarities between Jackson and New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

An act of mercy

Falcons owner Arthur Blank released QB Michael Vick last week in a simple act of mercy. Blank is true to his word when he says that he wants Vick back into the league.

Signing puts Sanchez on fast track to be Jets’ starter

Mark Sanchez and his agents got a deal done early with the New York Jets, putting him on the fast track to be the starting QB in Week 1. Jamie Dukes says it was a good move for both.

Favre is the real victim in this whole saga

Brett Favre would still be a member of the Green Bay Packers if the front office didn’t push him out the door. If Favre is guilty of anything, it’s having pride.

Adversity for Manning, Brady creates intrigue for fans

A little adversity for two of the NFL’s biggest stars, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, could be a good thing for fans.

Release of Ellis reduces talent level in Big D

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones once again has tried to make an addition-by-subtraction move with a veteran, this time with the release of LB Greg Ellis.

Solution for Lions is signing Vick

I’m not completely sold that Georgia QB Matthew Stafford is the right choice with the top overall pick in the draft because the Lions have a multitude of issues. The solution for the Lions in my opinion is Michael Vick.

Cutler trade a huge gamble

As it stands less than an hour after it was announced, the trade of Jay Cutler from the Denver Broncos to the Chicago Bears could go down as one of the biggest gambles — that either did or didn’t pay off — in NFL history.

Which teams should be pursuing Vick?

Jamie Dukes has some burning offseason questions. Who should sign Michael Vick? Will the Chiefs keep Larry Johnson? Which team needs Ray Lewis the most?

Owens not the problem in Dallas

There is speculation that Terrell Owens may be on his way out of Big D. I personally don’t believe that. I have always felt there was a conspiracy to blame T.O. as the source of the Cowboys’ woes. For the record, let me state that T.O. is a different kind of cat. And like every great receiver I know, including Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, Marvin Harrison and Randy Moss, just to name a few, T.O. is an unhappy camper if he’s not getting the rock.

Young QBs need to respect the game

Peyton Manning doesn’t have any more arm strength than Matt Leinart. Vince Young has physical skills on par with Donovan McNabb. The difference is Manning and McNabb are willing to dedicate themselves to the craft.

Manning brothers face similar challenges in 2009

Just spoke with the Manning boys, and it’s so refreshing to see the pride Peyton has in little brother Eli. It’s also interesting to see the similarities in their situations. Both players have lost their defensive coordinators in Ron Meeks for the Colts and Steve Spagnuolo for the Giants. Peyton, of course, also has lost a future Hall of Famer in coach Tony Dungy.

Lewis has plenty of options for ‘an old guy’

Today, I had an opportunity to talk to Ray Lewis, All-Pro linebacker and all-planet leader. In my mind, Lewis finds himself in an unprecedented position for a player over the age of 30.

Ryan, Flacco did good, but let’s respect their elders

First, let me applaud the work of Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco. Both did a great job of managing their teams and avoiding the rookie mistakes that you usually see at the quarterback position. That said, I think we have to be careful about crowning them the next anything. Let’s just sit back and watch.

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