Players, media have trust issues with McDaniels

Jay Cutler isn’t the only player who has developed trust issues with first-year Broncos coach Josh McDaniels. A few other players have privately expressed concern, and the media has joined the chorus in feeling that McDaniels has a problem with honesty.

Williamses should serve their drug suspensions

For the greater good, it’s time for Kevin Williams and Pat Williams to end their bid to avoid four-game suspensions from the NFL.

Stop the madness: Romo has only one flaw

I’ve had enough of the Tony Romo amateur hour in terms of analysis as to why his performance drops off in December and January. I thought it best to shoot down a few of the bogus arguments that are based on flawed assumptions.

The 3-4 defense isn’t as easy as it looks

The bar has been set with the recent success of the Cowboys, Patriots, Ravens, Chargers and Steelers’ 3-4 defenses, and now it has become vogue to run the scheme. As many as 15 teams are either making the switch or infusing elements of the 3-4 defense, but can they be successful? Here are five key ingredients that will make or break the transition.

Ties that bind Michael Jackson to the NFL

Millions around the world are mourning the death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. And no matter what you think of Jackson in his later years, there can be no questioning the social impact Jackson had on America. In the late ’70s and early ’80s, America was at a pivotal crossroad as racial divisions were not only pervasive in the South, but across this great country.

Life lessons about marriage and pro sports

It’s not often that we go into our private closet to discuss issues and conversations one might have with our closest friends. But the tragic death of Steve McNair has harkened such a conversation I had with my 20-year-plus friend, Deion Sanders. We are both married, and one day, we were discussing the incredibly high divorce rate among celebrities and athletes.

McNair was more than a gladiator

The NFL has lost a true gladiator with the tragic shooting death of Steve McNair. As I reflect on McNair’s career, I think of the inspiration he represents to players across the league, but particularly, players from small schools.

NFL players are people, too!

We have to keep some perspective about NFL players getting in trouble off the field. The expectation among the populous that NFL players are supposed to be perfect because they were given the right to play football is ludicrous to me.

Let your haters be your motivators

Nothing can propel us to success like haters. Haters is an African-American colloquialism for jealous or doubting people coined by a former Atlanta radio personality. I used this motivation going back to the good ol’ days at FSU, where despite being named to All-American teams every year, I went undrafted. Haters fueled my 10-year career.

Vick, Plax, Pacman and you have frenemies

We keep asking the question: “Why do athletes make mistakes when they have so much going for them?” What you fail to remember is athletes or entertainers, for that matter, are people. They didn’t land here from Mars with superhuman talent.

Tweeting Vick

I’m glad you enjoy the players-only sessions we have on NFL Network. I enjoy being a part of it. Warren, Deion, Marshall and “Mooch” offer great insight, and I’m just there (LOL). This week’s installment asked this question: “If you had to start a franchise, who would you choose?” Deion chose Mike Tomlin, Warren chose Mario Williams, Marshall chose Shawne Merriman and I chose Michael Vick.

A pass to Cutler

It seems that fans in Chicago are concerned about Jay Cutler‘s nightlife. But as long as he is willing to put in the necessary work during the day, he’s still a step ahead of some other young quarterbacks out there.

Five sexiest stories of 2009

From Josh McDaniels to Terrell Owens, here’s a look at what I believe will be the most interesting storylines entering the 2009 season. What say you?

Reality check on Plax

After careful reflection on the Plaxico Burress situation and in light of the Donte’ Stallworth saga, I have to admit the scales of justice are a little askew.

Don’t blame Bowlen for stupid moves

Brandon Marshall is still under contract to the Broncos, so I have to temper my disdain for the complete dismantling of an NFL franchise. A lot of people place the blame on the owner of the Denver Broncos, Pat Bowlen, and the reality is the ire is misguided. Bowlen is a businessman who did not become a billionaire because he knew some unique secret that revolutionized the NFL.

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