Little known gems from preseason Week 1

Taking a look at some of my little known gems from Week 1 of the preason, including rookies Aaron Brown and Ellis Lankster.

Cowboys’ Colombo tops list of NFL tough guys

Jamie Dukes breaks down the top five tough guys in the league today.

What we learned in Week 1 of the preseason

Here are some observations from the first weekend of preseason play.

Random thoughts on Vick

Michael Vick has landed with the Eagles, giving me more respect for owner Jeffrey Lurie, QB Donovan McNabb, coach Andy Reid and the organization.

Peterson would break rushing record with Vick

If I were Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson (and I’m not), I would lobby to sign free agent QB Michael Vick.

Moves I like, don’t like or just don’t know about

Success in the NFL for new coaches is dependent on many variables. So I’ve put together a few observations from training camps to keep an eye on for some of the new coaches.

There is too much unrealistic optimism in Jetsville

I don’t mean to sound like the Grim Reaper, but out of respect and personal admiration for Rex Ryan, Jets fans need to temper the optimism that has gone out of control.

Teams that could be first — or third — in their division

There are several teams that I can’t get my mind around in 2009. Fans are obviously optimistic about their team, but that’s not good enough for me. So here’s a list of teams I want to feel good about but something in my mind keeps getting in the way.

Some teams can’t afford to pass on Vick

There are a lot of lists out there keeping track of teams not interested in the services of Michael Vick. I am keeping one of my own. It includes teams with a lack of stability at quarterback that can’t afford to look past adding Vick for the sake of being politically correct.

Spector of Vick would run Romo out of Dallas

I set Cowboys fans abuzz when I tweeted that Jerry Jones has probably entertained the idea of bringing Michael Vick to Dallas. What I tried to relay is the fact that Jerry, like many other GMs, always looks at ways to upgrade his roster.

Most dangerous 2008 non-playoff teams for 2009

We all know that anything can happen in the NFL, and last season, the Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons were among the league’s surprise teams. With that in mind, here are the most dangerous 2008 non-playoff teams that will make noise in 2009, and some might even find their way into the postseason.

Jets need to give Washington a new contract

Let me first give the disclaimer that I am a Florida State Seminole, as is Leon Washington. That said, Washington has earned a new contract, and it’s imperative that the Jets get a deal done because their 2009 season will ride on the field position that the Pro Bowl returner provides.

The Wizard of Oz should give Marshall a new home

With Derrick Mason’s retirement, the onus will be on Ravens personnel wizard Ozzie Newsome to replace the wily veteran wide receiver. But the Broncos could do themselves and the Ravens a favor by trading Brandon Marshall to Baltimore.

Tarvaris, it’s time to check your ego at the door

Ego is one of the biggest shortcomings of mankind. It’s hard to put our ego aside, especially when you are standing in the spotlight, like Brett Favre is. But the same holds true for an unproven quarterback such as Tarvaris Jackson.

Belichick’s fascination with ‘Wildcat’ could help Vick

Bill Belichick’s pride took a big hit last season when the Dolphins shredded the vaunted Patriots defense with the “Wildcat” offense. So, Belichick, the consummate student, has spent extensive time communicating with University of Florida coach Urban Meyer about the spread offense. Belichick also has worked with former Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden, who’s also enthralled with the scheme that Meyer’s Gators run so well.

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