Translating ‘Coach speak’

I don’t want to say NFL coaches are lying, but when you listen to what some of them are saying, it’s neither here nor there. On Friday’s NFL Total Access, I broke down some tape to translate for you.

Tears for Plax

Week 2 was filled with sensational finishes and as each game passes, the words of Patriots QB Tom Brady from a few weeks about shine through. Brady said — and I’m paraphrasing here — no one is bigger than the game and this game goes on without you.

Put Up My Dukes: Buyer’s and seller’s remorse

In my latest edition of Put Up Your Dukes, I examine buyer’s and seller’s remorse among NFL teams. Championships in the league are won during the offseason, when key pieces are added and subtracted. It’s time to take a look back at the best and worst moves.

Will the real _______ please stand up?

Every year the NFL has what I like to refer to Jekyll-and-Hyde teams. As an analyst, it is particularly frustrating and for fans it has to be impossible to handle. Here’s a list of the 2009 teams.

Talking smack … big deal

I’m always amazed at the ridiculous emphasis placed on “trash talking.” Trash talking has been a part of the fabric of sports. I direct my ire at the media, who make such comments out to be a violation of some sacred trust of civility. In actuality, trash talking is a time honored tradition whose sanctity has been violated by players being forced to talk to the media.

Week 1 guys who Put Up Their Dukes

Every week we will highlight the great performances that didn’t make NFL Total Access. These are the guys who do the grunt work.

Put Up My Dukes: Weight issues

It’s a concern to me that current NFL players are so big and explosive. It’s an issue, not necessarily with current players, but with retired players. In my latest Put Up Your Dukes segment on NFL Total Access, I shared my story about fighting the battle with obesity.

My Elite 8 for 2009

Every year, I believe there are eight teams that legitimately fit into the Super Bowl conversation. And every year, one team jumps into the mix, like the Arizona Cardinals did last year. Here are my 2009 Elite 8 teams.

Nothing wrong with a little white lie

Last week I made the statement on NFL Total Access that Eric Mangini needed to pick a QB and tell a little white lie. Needless to say, Mangini is marching to his own drum.

Defenses must learn Vick Rules

There are rules for regular quarterbacks, and then there are Vick Rules. Defenses will have to learn the Vick Rules and containing Michael Vick in the pocket. You’ll see it’s a totally different set of rules.

No-win situation, part II: Kyle Orton

I started this series on no-win situations with WR Roy Williams, who finds himself in the middle of the soap opera in Dallas. Now I’m adding Kyle Orton to the list. It’s easy to say, if they produce at an incredibly high level there won’t be a problem. Well, we have a problem, because in both situations Pro Bowl play is the bar.

Roy Williams in a no-win situation

Well, maybe “no-win” is a little strong, but Roy Williams is in a real conundrum of a situation. Most teams would give an appendage or two to have two front-line wide receivers.

Ryan making all the right moves with Jets

A tip of the old ball cap to coach Rex Ryan for the job and decisions he has made thus far for the New York Jets.

Redemption for some QBs, condemnation for others

Week 2 of the preseason was important as there are many jobs hanging in the balance and, more importantly, there were individuals who needed to atone for their poor Week 1 performances.

Beyond the hype, Favre creates matchup nightmares

Lost in the “Favre Watch” hype: Now that the Vikings have a championship-caliber threat at QB in Brett Favre, defenses will have to think twice about putting eight defenders in the box to stop Adrian Peterson.

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