DDFP: The toughest NFL names, the most overrated players, and Harrison Ford vs. Robert De Niro

Episode 2 of the Dave Dameshek Football Program is a real hoot. The gang discusses the NBA playoffs, the most overrated players in the NFL, and who has the best movie career. Will you give it a listen?

Sounds good: Dameshek and Co. tackle the Top 100, Two and a Half Men, and more…

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/dameshek/May_13_2011.mp3 ] After last week’s successful preseason edition podcast, Dave Dameshek kicks off “Episode 1” with the debut of “The N. if L.” — the segment that answers how pigskin history could have changed if one play or event went the other way. Dave and his pals, Adam Rank and Dylan Milner, then critique the NFL Network’s “Top 100” list of current players and offer some candidates for the league’s most overrated players. Handsome Hank stops by to read the “Tweet of the Week” (courtesy Reggie Bush), leading the fellas into a debate about whether fans care more than players. Lastly, Dave reads listener tweets. All in all, it was a peach of an hour. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Mocking the seventh round

Fine. I’ll do a mock draft. Seems like everyone else has done it. Then revised it. Then revised it again. Amateurs, all of ‘em. Anyone could list off the top 32 prospects and assign them the NFL team that’d make the most sense. That’s what I call child’s play. If I’m gonna do a mock draft, I’m going deep. So here it is – my mock draft for the seventh round.

I need to keep my mouth shut

I feel sick right now. I tweeted earlier that I thought Aaron Rodgers was going to have his way with the Steelers defensive backs, and next thing you know, Rodgers hit Jordy Nelson for a touchdown. Jordy Nelson!

Brandt converted to the black-and-gold side

Like a hostage victim sympathizing with their captures, I have finally worn down the esteemed Gil Brandt, as he is now adorned with my Terrible Towel.

Best, worst uniform matchups in SB history

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I hope to one day be named the Uniform Czar for All of Sports, so I’m not surprised that many people have asked for my opinion on the quality of the combo of the Packers’ glorious home getups (green jerseys/gold hats & pants) going up against the Steelers’ road unis (white jerseys/black hats/gold pants).

Nothing cheesy about this list

To prove he’s not biased, Steelers fan Dave Dameshek extends an olive branch to Cheeseheads everywhere with his official list of the best cheeses.

What if the backups must go front-and-center?

Don’t be surprised if Byron Leftwich or Matt Flynn is the hero or goat come Sunday night. In the last couple of football seasons, backup quarterbacks have played significant roles in significant games.

Dameshek: Hate to say it, but Packers are gonna win

Before we get into anything else, let’s just jump right to the end of the book: I think the Packers are gonna beat the Steelers, and I think they’ll do it by double digits.

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