DDFP: Rich Eisen and the 2012 NFL Draft

Episode #65 features an extended visit the Face of the NFL Network, Rich Eisen, who just returned with Shek from the NFL Draft in Manhattan.  The fellas break down which teams succeeded and failed, and also debate the folly of attempting to determine “winners” and “losers” in the speculative exercise of drafting.  Rank and Shek are also reunited with producer Necktie Milner and by resident Dolphins fan, Handsome Hank for thoughts on Miami taking Ryan Tannehill, then discuss John Harbaugh’s critique of the stained Pats’ dynasty.  We hope you’ll enjoy it… but there’s no saying for sure ’til you give it a listen. [audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/dameshek/ddfp_65.mp3] Subscribe to The DDFP on iTunes.

DDFP: SI writer Pearlman and Broncos WR Decker

Shek & Rank welcome Jeff Pearlman, author of “Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton,” to discuss the feedback he has received for telling the sometimes-dark story of an American legend, plus kibitz about the USFL and condiments.

‘Shek to the Future: Week 1

Watch as Adam and I hop into to the DeLorean, fire up the flux capacitor, and fast forward to Tuesday, where we review all of this weekend’s games.

DDFP: Running back U Super Bowl show

Elliot Harrison again joins the boys to break down the NFC side of the best tailback franchise in NFL history and then, once and for all, just who is the Running Back U of the NFL. The answer just might surprise you.

DDFP: Running back U of the AFC

Who has the best stable of running backs in NFL history? We start with a look at the all-time runners from the AFC.

The DDFP: Talkin’ ball with Jamie Dukes

With only a fortnight left ’til the season kicks off, Dave and Rank welcome NFL Network/Atlanta Falcon/Florida State Seminole/good guy Jamie Dukes to the studio to kibbitz about Peyton Manning and the Colts’ QB situation, Chris Johnson’s future in Tennessee and the Miami Hurricanes’ mess.

DDFP: The blogcast of Eli

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/dameshek/ddfp_aug19.mp3 ] On the heels of Eli Manning’s claim that he considers himself among the game’s elite passers, Dave and Rank kibbitz with NFL.com’s Elliot “Pretty Boy” Harrison to break down Brady, Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Brees, Rivers, Vick, Romo, Schaub and — of course — the Brothers Manning.  In addition, Dave presents the Tuck Rule Edition of the “N-if-L.”  If this episode was a intergalactic bounty hunter, it’d be Boba Fett. Subscribe to the Dave Dameshek Football Program on iTunes

DDFP: Fantasy football primer with Fabiano

Careful handling this podcast, ‘cause it’s red hot.

DDFP: Awesomeness with The Miz

We celebrate the return of football games (albeit of the fake, preseason variety) by welcoming in WWE superstar — and Cleveland native — The Miz.

DDFP: Talkin’ Ball with Matt Williamson

Dave and Rank welcome in Scouts, Inc & ESPN.com’s Matt Williamson (@williamsonNFL) to answer the pressing issues of the preseason, including: can Tim Tebow become a legit NFL starter?; can Felix Jones carry to the load in Dallas?; can Matt Cassel lead a talented Chiefs team to the Super Bowl; can Joe Flacco step up?; can first-round busts like Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn resurrect their careers; and what is the best deli meat?  The fellas also review their less-than-stellar trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame with new (interim) producer, Necktie Dye; plus, a discussion of what the best matchup for the first regular season game would be. Subscribe to the Dave Dameshek Football Program on iTunes

DDFP: Storytime with Brandt

Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank discuss life in Canton, then welcome in the longtime architect of the Dallas Cowboys (and a man who belongs in the Hall of Fame), Gil Brandt.

Young is forever in debt to Sanders

As the rain gives way to some early-evening sunshine here in Fawcett Stadium, it occurs to me that Steve Young -– now and forever -– should pay for the dry cleaning of Deion Sanders‘ new gold blazer.

DDFP: Reminiscing with The Ultimate Raider

In the shadow of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Dave & Rank kibbitz with the great Marcus Allen on a number of topics.

DDFP: Hall of Fame; Dream Teams and the best teams in football

Although a bit punchy from their cross-country redeye flight, Dave and Rank make a Pittsburgh pitstop on their way to Canton for this weekend’s Hall of Fame inductions;

DDFP: Football is back … in case you have not heard

That’s right, football is back and the fellas could not be more thrilled about it’s return.

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