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31 Reasons why NFL teams hate the Patriots

If you didn’t know any better, you’d believe Terrell Suggs doesn’t care for the Patriots. Suggs has called the Patriots “arrogant pricks” in the past and on Thursday, he told Boston radio station WEEI the Patriots don’t “respect anybody,” and he “guarantees the other 31 teams hate the New England Patriots.” All 31 teams Terrell? Hyperbole much? But when you think about it, Suggs does have a point. So with the help of the intrepid Alex Gelhar and Adam Rank, we look for 31 reasons why every team hates the New England Patriots. ————————————————————————————————————————————– AFC: ————————————————————————————————————————————– 1. Buffalo Bills ————————————————————————————————————————————– The Patriots had a surplus of quarterbacks after the 2001 season, so, of course, the Bills ended up with Drew Bledsoe and not […]

NFL fantasy: Arizona interested in Matt Cassel?

In today’s Three and Out: Alex Smith’s trade to Kansas City likely moves Matt Cassel out of town and keeps Dwayne Bowe in town. Plus Chris Johnson gets some unwanted help.

Pro days give prospects a shot at redemption

Prospects who weren’t invited to the NFL Scouting Combine will get a chance to make their mark in the minds of scouts at pro days. Those who either worked out poorly or didn’t work out at all, meanwhile, will get a shot at redemption. Gil Brandt underlines the importance of the college pro days by listing nine players who significantly boosted their careers at their pro day workouts.

NFL combine recap: Manti Te’o, Leon Sandcastle and a Jennifer Lawrence-worthy tumble

The 2013 NFL Combine came to a close yesterday. We take a look at the most entertaining stories to emerge from Indianapolis.

How important are college pro days?

Former players and current NFL Network analysts Darren Sharper and Heath Evans explain why pro days are important for players coming out of college and who they help the most.

NFL fantasy: Brandon Weeden unhappy with his play

In today’s Three and Out: Brandon Weeden says he can play better, Steven Jackson will likely play elsewhere and Fred Davis is ready to play again.

NFL fantasy: Steven Jackson expected to test free agency

In today’s Three and Out: Steven Jackson could be moving; the Patriots don’t want Wes Welker to move and Victor Cruz doesn’t want to move out of New York.

Manti Te’o must perform at pro day

Manti Te’o‘s on-the-field performance at the NFL Scouting Combine did little to erase doubts about his overall speed and lateral quickness, Bucky Brooks says, which means that the linebacker will need to put on a better performance at his pro day workout to retain his upper-level spot on draft boards across the league.

Dancing with the Stars: Ranking the NFL contestants

Jacoby Jones will be the latest NFL player to compete on Dancing with the Stars. In honor of his acceptance on the show, we count down the greatest NFL players to compete for the coveted Dancing with the Stars mirror ball trophy.

Tom Brady Contract Demands

Tom Brady restructured his contract to help out the Patriots salary cap situation. But he worked in a few special requests to sweeten his side of the deal…

Star Lotulelei’s heart condition forces workout to pro day

Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei made the wrong type of news at the NFL Scouting Combine, when an echocardiogram detected a heart condition for a player many expected to go in the top 10 in April’s draft.

Star Lotulelei will leave teams scrambling

Some of the biggest news to come out the NFL Scouting Combine involved the health status of Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei.’s Daniel Jeremiah writes that you can expect most clubs will fly Lotulelei into their respective cities for another round of physical exams following his March 20 pro day in Salt Lake City.

Star Lotulelei looks to shine at pro day

With his NFL Scouting Combine experience disappointingly halted due to a heart condition, Utah defensive tackle Star Lotulelei is shifting focus to his pro day. Lotulelei talked to NFL Network’s Akbar Gbajabiamila about the ultimate importance of the workout at Utah’s pro day on March 20.

NFL fantasy: Chiefs reportedly interested in Alex Smith

In today’s Three and Out: New landing spots are becoming clearer for Alex Smith and Shonn Greene while Miles Austin could be staying put.

Best Picture: Hollywood-worthy NFL stories for 2013

With 85th Academy Awards happening this weekend, some of the best “true” and fictional stories told on the silver screen from last year will be honored with miniature gold statues of a naked man. What an honor! And with the NFL offseason just starting to ramp up at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis this weekend, we thought it’d be fun to take advantage of this down time to look into the future and see what remarkable story-lines we could be in line for next season. Last season featured a number of Hollywood-worthy tales, from the Harbaugh Bowl to the rookie sensations at quarterback to Ray Lewis going out on top and on and on. Below are a few highly speculative […]

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