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NFL fantasy football: Welcome back, Antonio Gates

After a couple of disappointing seasons, Marcas Grant writes that San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates appears ready to return to past production.

NFL fantasy football: Jacquizz Rodgers a “super sleeper”

Is Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner passing the torch to Jacquizz Rodgers in 2012?

Fantasy Draft Week is here!

NFL Fantasy Draft Week is here. Join members of the NFL Fantasy LIVE crew and a host of former NFL stars in New York City for a fantasy football festival.

NFL fantasy football: Mike Wallace a trustworthy pick?

Should the possible return of Pittsburgh Steelers wideout Mike Wallace bolster his fantasy football value?

Why it makes sense for the Dolphins and Titans to name starting quarterbacks now

Monday was a busy day in the quarterback competition world. First, we awoke to the news that the Tennessee Titans had anointed second-year QB Jake Locker as the starter. A few hours later, the Miami Dolphins did the same thing, announcing that rookie Ryan Tannehill would run their offense. Both players hadn’t exactly lit the world on fire in the previous preseason games, and both QB competitions could have extended for a much longer period of time. Tannehill was 11 of 23 for 100 yards against the Panthers, while Locker was 4 of 11 for 21 yards and one interception vs. the Bucs. Certainly not the stuff of legends. Instead, they didn’t wait. Teams made the call, went with the future […]

Bengals WR A.J. Green emulating Megatron

A.J. Green trying to emulate Pro Bowl recevier Calvin Johnson.

Eric Davis: Andrew Luck keeps Colts in playoff hunt

The “NFL AM” backfield came to a consensus on which rookie QB will have the best season.

NFL fantasy football: Peyton Hillis not just a handcuff

Can Peyton Hillis replicate the success of Thomas Jones for the Kansas City Chiefs?

NFL fantasy football: Tim Tebow over Mark Sanchez?

Is Tim Tebow or Mark Sanchez a better option in fantasy football drafts?

Ahman Green: Foster No. 1 running back

Ahman Green laments the reduction in the RB prominence in the NFL.

Jake Locker’s fantasy appeal is rising

The Tennessee Titans will go with Jake Locker as their starting quarterback in 2012, our Michael Lombardi reports. But let’s cut to the chase; what does this mean for his fantasy value.

Why that cold tub video with the Giants and Prince Amukamara wasn’t funny at all

I thought it would be funny. Figured it was a joke of some kind. I clicked on the video provided by Pro Football Talk of Giants veterans throwing second-year CB Prince Amukamara into the ice cold tub, and I waited for the comedy. None came. In the explicit video (which you can watch if you can stand the language and embarrassing nature of it all), pass-rusher Jason Pierre-Paul is shown tossing Amukamara into a freezing cold tub while his teammates taunt and laugh. Apparently, this has happened before, many times. He estimated eight times last year, and he also had his clothes cut up. No, Amukamara is not a rookie anymore, and this isn’t some sort of welcome-to-the-NFL deal (though […]

Browns QB Weeden confident in preseason improvement

Brandon Weeden looks forward to improving as the preseason rolls on.

Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL…

As we do every week, let’s take a swing around the NFL, looking at a bunch of random things … So, what’s been up? 1. I cued up my Game Pass yesterday and checked out the Jaguars/Saints game… and I almost couldn’t believe what I saw. Where in the world did this guy still called Blaine Gabbert come from? Last year, the former first-rounder was a mess. Just scared and shaky, looking unprepared and fidgety in the pocket with no recognition skills. I didn’t shy away from criticizing him, wondering if it was all a big mistake. Meanwhile, Jaguars fans pointed out what a similar disasterbacle Eli Manning was a rookie … and that turned out fine. Based on Friday […]

My story: Looking back on the trip to see the debuts of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck

Last week, I went on an eventful trip with a fairly narrow focus — Check out the preseason debuts of Broncos QB Peyton Manning and Colts QB Andrew Luck. Off to Chicago for Manning vs. the Bears and then to Indy for Luck vs. the Rams. What did I find? That as similar as Manning and Luck seemed from the outset, they are even more similar upon close examination. In a way, Luck is the ghost of Manning future, while Manning is simply trying to be the ghost of Manning present. Or something like that. It’s just amazing how much they seem like one another — smart, cerebral passers with flat affects who grew up watching their fathers deal with […]

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