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Live from Tahoe: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers sounds ready for camp, talks about Titletown expectations

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has kept a low-profile this week in South Lake Tahoe. Well, as low a profile as a Super Bowl-winning QB can keep. But before heading out to play nine holes (and carry his own bag), Rodgers stopped to chat with me and our cameras. You’ll see some of this interview on NFL Network’s NFL Total Access tonight and on tomorrow. But there’s always a little more. The Packers ended their season in the playoffs last year with an ugly loss to the Giants. Rodgers was ready to turn the page. “It’s a new team, it’s a new players, rookies, new coaches, it’s a different feel,” Rodgers told me earlier today. “So we’re going […]

NFL fantasy football: Calvin Johnson over Larry Fitzgerald?

Larry Fitzgerald says Calvin Johnson is a better fantasy wide receiver then him, and statistics prove he’s right.

Live from Tahoe: Veteran NFL LB Joey Porter says he’s retiring as a member of the Steelers

Linebacker Joey Porter played for three teams over the course of a 13-year career. Porter knows which organization he wants to end with. Porter told me today that he plans to retire as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Specifically, Porter said he would be honored to do so. “That’s where I started at,” Porter told me on the driving range before a practice round of the American Century Celebrity Golf Classic in South Lake Tahoe. “It’ll be an honor to go out there and retire as a Steeler. Started there, end there. Thirteen years. I never thought I’d play that long when I first started.” The four-time Pro Bowler finishes with 170 starts, 503 tackles and 98 sacks. He […]

My story from Tahoe: How NFL players spend their last week before training camp

While a variety of NFL players spend the week out here in gorgeous Lake Tahoe, they know that when they leave here, it all begins. Training camp is around the corner and it gets amped up incredibly soon. That’s why they cherish being here. They play golf, they bring their families, they chill out… and if they are smart, they clear their heads. “You got to get away because you know you’re going to go through the grind,” ex-Major League pitcher David Wells said. “You just want to try to put everything aside and then come out and golf. If they’re smart, they’re not even thinking any football, just relaxing. It’s a grind. You need something to mellow you out, […]

Live from Tahoe: Bears K Robbie Gould says of RB Matt Forte’s deal, “Guys like that should be rewarded”

Earlier today, before he teed off, Bears kicker Robbie Gould talked about his team’s offseason. That included picking up new weapons like Brandon Marshall and the fact that RB Matt Forte signed an extension. Speaking while wearing crazy blue pants (left), Gould was pumped. “That’s great,” Gould said of Forte’s deal. “It’s about time.” Yup. I think many would agree. But Gould (a really good golfer) said he wasn’t worried that a contract for Forte would get done. “I don’t think anyone was nervous,” Gould said. “A guy like Matt who has played very well, who has always been in shape, done the right things, guys like that should be rewarded. Not saying other guys who play well shouldn’t be rewarded […]

NFL fantasy football: Chris Johnson will have ‘big role’

The Tennessee Titans are expected to pass the ball more in 2012, but that might be positive for the fantasy prospects of Chris Johnson.

Live from Tahoe: Ex-MLB bad boy David Wells wishes he had been more like Tim Tebow

I always assumed ex-Yankees (and others) pitcher David Wells would be difficult. Shoot, I remember him rumbling with countless tabloid reporters when I was growing up in New York. So, it’s always a crapshoot when you approach a guy like that for an interview at a celebrity event. But Wells was more than gracious in South Lake Tahoe yesterday, sitting down on a random rock to chat with me… though he did reprimand this fan who interrupted us to ask for an autograph. Classic. Anyway, Wells was a NYC mainstay, one guy who really got how the city worked. He didn’t always play along, but he did understand the bright lights. Who better to ask than Wells about what new Jets […]

Live from Tahoe: Cowboys WR Miles Austin enjoys his down time, avoids Dez Bryant talk

The final foursomes are out on the course here in South Lake Tahoe, which means we’re about to wrap up for the day. Don’t worry, we’ll be back at it again tomorrow. But first, let’s hear from a familiar face — Cowboys WR Miles Austin. He finished hitting balls on the range — in between signing an endless string of autographs — and stopped to talk. Austin was in good spirits, talking up the Cowboys’ devotion to physical fitness … but not wanting to discuss what’s up with recently arrested WR Dez Bryant. “It’s important to all of us (to stay in shape), and I feel like everyone’s been doing a good job staying in shape, especially after we broke […]

Fantasy impact: Kenny Britt has another knee surgery

Tennessee Titans’ receiver Kenny Britt has undergone the knife once again, but does it cut into his fantasy potential?

Live from Tahoe: Former Redskins QB Mark Rypien thinks fan pressure will only help RG3

When we last visited with new Redskins QB Robert Griffin III, he was telling me about ‘Skins fans. Yes, the No. 2 pick said he was ready. The team obviously hopes so. Because there will be pressure. From that fan base, no doubt. One former Redskins Super Bowl winner — Mark Rypien — thinks that will help. That’s what he told me out in Lake Tahoe for this celebrity golf tournament. First of all, Rypien loves RG3. He described him as “smart. He understands the game. Escape-ability is such a key now. As long as he stays healthy, they got a chance to do some good things.” When are those good things expected? Rypien didn’t mince words.

Live from Tahoe: Ex-hockey star Jeremy Roenick says Gronk is “the next best thing to Jesus Christ”

You never know who you’re going to run into when you walk around celebrity golf tournaments… I’m here in South Lake Tahoe, and I found ex-hockey star Jeremy Roenick on the putting green. Before he teed off, he stopped to chat for a few minutes, and it turns out, he’s a huge football fan. The Massachusetts native and ex-Thayer Academy player loves him some Patriots. And he didn’t mind saying how much. You’ll love this… “I’m a Patriots fan,” Roenick told me. “I grew up in Boston. I’m a big Patriots fan, a big Wes Welker fan, a big Tom Brady fan. So, being from that area, the Gronk is the next best thing to Jesus Christ, in my opinion. […]

NFL fantasy football: Marshawn Lynch facing suspension?

Both Marshawn Lynch and Dez Bryant face their share of legal issues, but is it enough to affect their fantasy potential?

Live from Tahoe: Packers LB AJ Hawk explains why he tackled that dude into the lake

One of my favorite things this offseason came when video surfaced from a celebrity golf tournament. Packers LB AJ Hawk was videotaped drilling a guy into a lake, a vicious tackle in what looked like a casual two-hand-touch game. It was hilarious… and a little strange. Today, before a practice round of the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe, I talked with Hawk about it. No, it wasn’t quite like it seemed. Turns out, the dude actually asked for it. Well, allow Hawk to explain. But first, I had to broach the topic. “So, A.J… you seen that video of yourself hitting that guy?” “Oh, I’ve seen that,” Hawk told me this morning, laughing. “The golf one? Oh […]

Hello from Lake Tahoe, where celebrities and regular people play golf

Well, vacation is over. Thankfully. I mean, it was fun, but let’s get to work, right? Still, it doesn’t hurt to get going in a vacation-like setting. So, hello from South Lake Tahoe, where the American Century Championship is taking place. The first few days are filled with celebrity golfers and plenty of NFL players, and that’s why we’re here. That’s Packers QB Aaron Rodgers to the right. We’ll be here all week with plenty of good stuff. But first, now that I’ve returned from being away… what did we miss? I did write a few stories that ran while I was out. — This was my take on the holdup over contracts for first-rounders with a look at where […]

NFL Fantasy football: Greg Jennings sitdown

Packers wideout Greg Jennings sees 8-10 touchdowns in his future, but he has some exciting predictions when it comes to his fellow Packers teammates.

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