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Earl Campbell’s life and beyond to be a documentary

Earl Campbell will be the subject of an upcoming documentary.

A review of our NFL and movies series

NFL and movies month continues to roll ahead, but while we take a brief intermission, here’s a look back at some of the stuff you might have missed along the way.

Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL…

As we do every week, let’s take a swing around the NFL, looking at a bunch of random things …

Cowboys TE Jason Witten says Rob Gronkowski is “very deserving” of his new deal

The big news yesterday was that the Patriots rewarded TE Rob Gronkowski with a six-year, $54-million contract extension. It’s a massive reward for the player who set the yardage record and touchdown record at that position last year. Today, the player who is currently the game’s highest paid tight end spoke about that development, offering a serious appreciation for Gronk’s prowess. Representing the FRAM Ready to Role program, Cowboys TE Jason Witten appeared a local Walmart to lead a hands on, under-the-hood, car care skills training deal with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas teens. Before it all happened, I asked Witten for his reaction to Gronk’s new riches. “I think obviously the bar just continues to get raised […]

Jaguaring set to take the nation by storm

Tebowing was all the rage in the fall of 2011 (and even beyond). So, of course, there are going to be copycats. They say the NFL is a copycat league, afterall. Take a good look at the latest incarnation: Jaguaring.

Saints QB Chase Daniel reflects on the time that LB Curtis Lofton destroyed him in college…

Earlier in the week, Saints teammates QB Chase Daniel and LB Curtis Lofton tried to fight each other during practice. It was an interesting and brief altercation … but it wasn’t the first time those two had been jawing on the field.

Did Santonio Holmes ruin that whole captain thing for all the other Jets?

Last year, Santonio Holmes was a captain. Let me stop and say that’s an amazing sentence to write. But anyway, he was a captain for the 2011 season. And the fact that Holmes was a captain became a symbol for a lost season. Being yanked off the field in the last two minutes against the Dolphins capped it all off. Not the behavior of a captain, certainly. While Holmes may not regret last year — “Why should I?” —  I bet his teammates do. And for one specific reason — Holmes ruined the Jets plans to have season captains. He ruined it for everyone else. I thought about this while reading about the latest antics of Holmes, who often makes you […]

My story: With Gronkowski’s deal done, is it now time for the Saints to pay Jimmy Graham?

The Patriots opened up their pocketbook for star tight end Rob Gronkowski today, inking him to a six-year, $54-million extension. It could turn out to be a good deal for both sides. But with one of the game’s best tight ends locked up… what about the other? It’s time for the Saints to lock up Jimmy Graham in similar fashion. The two will always be linked. And because Graham doesn’t have Gronkowski’s injury concerns, his contract could eclipse Gronk’s. Considering Gronk did that to Graham’s single-season yardage record last year, it’s only fair. As of now, set to make just $540,000 and $570,000 over the next two years, Graham is badly underpaid. Not that Graham would say so. He’s too […]

Three and out: Green-Ellis to share work

BenJarvus Green-Ellis is expected to split carries with Bernard Scott in Cincinnati. Find out how this affects his fantasy value.

My story: The Saints fought at practice on Wednesday… so what?

You’ve probably read a bunch by now about the Saints fighting at practice, as it has drawn some headlines. While the NFL looks into it, the Saints are clear they know the rules to mini-camps and OTAs. But how much does this fight really mean? That was the subject of my story that came out today.  I laughed at LB Curtis Lofton’s story about how Falcons coach Mike Smith made him hold hands with a dude he fought a few years back. And I was intrigued by S Malcolm Jenkins talking about how the team actually got into a big fight at a practice before a playoff game last year. No wonder there were such shrugs yesterday. “During practice,” […]

Uh oh, Saints coach Joe Vitt isn’t happy: “Yeah, I understand the (minicamp) rules”

Man, Saints interim coach Joe Vitt wasn’t happy today. Not at all. A day after his team drew some headlines for their fight at practice, Vitt made sure his voice was heard. Loud and clear. His team is trying to do the right thing was his message. This guy just fights for his team…. and it’s kind of awesome to watch. So, I mentioned the Saints fight during my Total Access hit, and then I wrote about it for To some, it led them to wonder whether the Saints would be scrutinized for violating some mini-camp contact rules. Well, Vitt wanted to make one thing clear: Yup, he knows, as the CBA said, “There will be no contact work […]

Ravens’ Terrence Cody ranks The Hulk over Batman

Ravens teammates say Terrence Cody is a unique individual, but perhaps it’s just jealously because he looks pretty good in a Cookie Monster hoodie. (Kindergartener swag as Bryan Hall said.) But who is the best comic book character of them all?

Justin Durant moonlights as a music critic

The NFL and music have long had crossover appeal, from the “Super Bowl Shuffle” to Deion Sanders‘ hit “Must be the Money.” More recently, Kellen Winslow was a DJ at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. But Detroit Lions linebacker Justin Durant has taken a different direction, serving as a music critic for Detroit’s Metro Times. From his archives, Durant has called Curtis Mayfield‘s “Superfly” the “best soundtrack ever made.” He even made an iPod playlist to commemorate Calvin Johnson‘s huge contract. Among the selections: “Money To Blow” by Birdman ft. Drake & Lil Wayne, “I Get Money” by 50 Cent, and Shane McMahon‘s old entrance music from the WWF. And of course, that playlist would not […]

Tebowing not as easy as it looks.

Professional athletes often make things seem so easy, they often carry the warning, “Don’t try this at home.” Perhaps the warning should extend to reporters who attempt the art of “Tebowing” with a tablet in their hand, as Shira Lazar found out on the red carpet of the Samsung Hope for Children Gala.

Three and out: Turner getting tuned out?

Is it time for fantasy owners to worry about Michael Turner? Find out if you should pass on the Falcons running back.

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