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Cowboys feel somewhat in the dark about CB Mike Jenkins and his shoulder injury

Cowboys CB Mike Jenkins might begin training camp on the PUP list, team COO Stephen Jones said Wednesday. A team source says, however, that Jenkins has refused to share enough records to satisfy the club.

Three and out: Vick has something to prove

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has motivation to improve. He’s not the only one primed to standout in 2012.

The Giants learned that all’s fair in love and cutting dudes to put them on IR

Well, that was awkward yesterday, wasn’t it? The Giants had cut injured TE Jake Ballard, who tore his ACL during the Super Bowl. Their goal was to put him on Injured Reserve after he cleared waivers, then have him for 2013. Yeah… that didn’t happen. As you know, wily Bill Belichick claimed Ballard, and now he’s a member of the Patriots. He won’t play this year, likely, but he’ll be around for 2013. It’s easy to see why there is interest. The well-schooled Ballard had four catches for 67 yards and a TD against the Pats during the regular season, tearing them up. But it’s the whole issue of claiming a guy another team wants to put on IR that […]

Justin Tuck: Channeling Lando Calrissian?

Giants DE Justin Tuck introduced a new look on the football field with a rather intricate facemask. Which is a nice way of putting it. Seriously, the thing looks like a cow catcher.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says T.O. can reach out to him… but he’s not looking to sign him

Terrell Owens is still looking for a job. Cut by the Allen Wranglers of the arena league, the mercurial WR is trying to get another year in the NFL. He hasn’t reached out to his old boss with the Cowboys… but Jerry Jones said he’d be helpful if Owens did. So, that’s nice. “First of all, he really can reach out to me at any time,” Jones said. “I consider him a friend and would feel good if he reached out. And I think that he really, without having first-hand knowledge of what kind of physical condition he’s in, I know he’s got the right stuff and could help someone. Actually, I looked at some of the things he did last […]

Tony Romo, Jury Duty, and what happened during the Cowboys first day of mini-camp…

The Cowboys wrapped up their first day of mandatory mini-camp with everyone accounted for. That was a nice change. All 90 players were around, but not all were on the field. Oh, and one arrived late with a pretty good excuse. A quick run-down of what happened at Valley Ranch: — Mike Jenkins showed up, as we said he would. The disgruntled cornerback was at the Cowboys facility, doing shoulder rehab and avoiding a fine. What he wasn’t doing was talking. After his people asked for a trade, Jenkins may still be upset about his contract situation. But he didn’t talk with reporters, despite showing up in the locker room a few times. That left others to do the talking […]

Three and out: Jones-Drew could hold out

Maurice Jones-Drew and the Jaguars are at odds over extending his contract. Could he suffer the same fate as another elite fantasy running back?

As the Cowboys gear up for mini-camp, Jason Witten says, “Your actions will speak louder than words”

This past weekend, we caught up with Cowboys TE Jason Witten while he was doing a charity event at a local Walmart. He spoke about TE Rob Gronkowski’s new contract and why he’s involved with the Boys & Girls Club. But Witten also offered some thoughts on minicamp, which begins today at Valley Ranch. CB Mike Jenkins is already present, and so are a bunch of Cowboys teammates. What is Witten looking forward to? A bunch of things… “We got a long way to go,” Witten told me. “I think we don’t really need any more motivation than we already have because of what happened last year. That last game against the Giants… and really they took advantage of that […]

Siri is now ready for your sports questions

Good news for those of you who use Siri, the Apple application will be answering sports questions, which is good apparently. Because if you only watch commercials, the app seems to only be designed to break golf tee times for Sam Jackson, tell John Malkovich some corny jokes and help Zooey Deschanel seems more adorable and quirky (which seems impossible).

My story: The Vikings have secured a deal for a new stadium… what to do now?

After 10 long years, the Vikings finally have a deal for a new stadium. It took a serious effort from all sides, but one of the NFL’s storied franchises is staying in Minneapolis. That doesn’t mean this process is over. Far from it. As stadium guru Lester Bagley told me in a recent visit to Eden Prairie, Minn., it’s only the beginning. There are decisions to be made, plans to collect, architects to choose… and a bunch of other things. For instance, will an MLS team join the Vikes in the stadium, too? “Now we can move on to the exciting part,” Bagley told me. “That’s to design and build a first-class facility that everyone can be proud of, that […]

Ray Lewis’ Madden 13 trailer for E3

Ray Lewis offers some words of encouragement for gamers in this trailer for Madden 13.

Why the Seahawks have to hope coach Pete Carroll is telling the truth about his QB competition…

The Seahawks have three quarterbacks, and as the old saying goes, if you have three, you have none. Or something like that. I may have butchered it, but you get the idea. If you don’t have a clear starter, you don’t have any quarterbacks. Given the offseason acquisition of ex-Packers free agent Matt Flynn, the drafting of Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson, and the fact that incumbent Tarvaris Jackson hasn’t distinguished himself beyond showing toughness — it’s been a battle. With this portion of the offseason nearly over, Carroll hasn’t decided on a starter. Really, I was intrigued with how he described the competition. As our buddy Brian McIntyre told us, Carroll said, “Draft picks and money and stuff like that is […]

Steve Smith, DeAngelo Williams provide shoes for children

Panthers teammates Steve Smith and DeAngelo Williams are working with Samaritan’s Feet with the goal to provide shoes and socks to 10 million children. Smith and Williams were recently in Memphis, Tennessee to wash the feet of 500 children and give them shoes and socks.

Three and out: Ochocinco not done yet

Wide receiver Chad Ochocinco will work out for the Miami Dolphins this week. Could this be his chance to return to fantasy relevance?

Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald team up for Africa

Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald are teaming up once again, but this one goes beyond the quest for championships. The former teammates have joined together to raise awareness to the struggles in Africa, particularly Ethiopia, Kenya and Somali as seen in this PSA released on YouTube.

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