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Redskins QB Robert Griffin III and his family are ready for one of the NFL’s most intense fan bases

Robert Griffin III has prepared himself for the many parts of being a professional athlete. In fact, he seems ready for everything. Among the many topics we discussed during the Subway commercial shoot on Thursday, RG3 and I hit on the Washington Redskins fans. Yup, he knows they are nuts (in a good way). He likes it. But is he ready for them? “The excitement from the fan base is definitely there,” Griffin told me. “We won’t be able to say we show up at FedEx Field and there were no fans there. And they’re gonna be excited. They won’t be out there booing or anything like that. They want to see us do well. So I think it’s up to […]

An Open Letter to Indianapolis Colts’ Andrew Luck

When Andrew Garfield heard about our Movies & Football Series he submitted this letter … Ok not really, but here is what the new face of the “Spider-Man” franchise may have offered up to the new face of the Indianapolis Colts. Dear Andrew Luck, I write to you today to give you a heads up on what life is like as the new face of a franchise. I have the task of taking over for Tobey Maguire and “rebooting” the “Spider-Man” series and you, being the number one overall draft pick, have a similar task: you must replace an all-time great quarterback and re-invigorate a struggling team. Many thought I was too obscure to carry a major film all by myself. […]

Three and out: Spiller Super Bowl bound?

C.J. Spiller believes the Bills are close to being a Super Bowl team, but that confidence doesn’t necessarily mean good things for his fantasy potential.

My story: Redskins QB Robert Griffin III is taking on life’s hurdles (like old times)

We spent yesterday at a studio in Dallas, hanging with Redskins QB Robert Griffin III while he took part in a Subway shoot. It was a cool experience, and you read one highlight here. But in the car ride from one site to the next, I spoke with RGIII for about 10 minutes on a bunch of issues that filled up my story just posted on It was hard not to believe him when he spoke about the Redskins future. “I want to help the team win more games than they won the previous year,” Griffin told me. “I don’t want to put a limit on things, because the sky is the limit.” What was also kinda crazy? The […]

My story: Bears LB Lance Briggs sees a team primed to make a playoff run

I was a little busy today — perhaps you read about it — but I didn’t want to neglect this other story that I wrote. Remember when I spoke with Bears LB Lance Briggs, the New Era hats ambassador? Well, that blog post wasn’t all there was. Briggs also offered me his thoughts on this year’s team, one that is suddenly filled with talent. Last year was an odd one, with the team starting 7-3 before QB Jay Cutler’s injury caused them to go in the tank. Briggs remembered the feeling well. It’s one he wants to avoid this time around. “I think everybody knew at the time when we were 7-3, there wasn’t a hotter team in the NFL,” […]

The lure of RG3: Redskins teammates will flock to Waco (really) for a summer workout

No, this isn’t a lockout-filled summer. Not this year. But that doesn’t mean players have abandoned the idea of getting together and throwing as a means of building cohesion. The Texans recently did it. And now, so will the Redskins. I spent the morning at Motion Imaginary Studio-A in Dallas, watching as Redskins QB Robert Griffin III shot a commercial for Subway. He was announced as its newest famous fan, joining the likes of Blake Griffin, Ndamukong Suh and others. You probably saw some highlights on Twitter (right). Anyway, as RG3 was being driven from one site to the next, we spoke for about 10 minutes. You’ll read a bunch of that tomorrow on But he clued me in on […]

Three and out: Fitzgerald not satisfied

Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald was voted as the seventh-best player of 2012 on NFL Network’s “The Top 100: Players of 2012,” but he’s still not fully satisfied.

NFL players take their turn in the booth

Announcing seems like the easiest job in the world, but some current and former NFL players got a chance to find out just how difficult it can be during the broadcast boot camp at NFL Films. We put them to the test, as we had them call some of the most memorable plays in their team’s history.

Random video of the day: Saints QB Drew Brees becomes a cabbie, educates on concussions

Earlier in the week, Saints QB Drew Brees made the media rounds to educate on concussions. He teamed with Dick’s Sporting Goods, who created a national marketing campaign aimed at teaching young athletes and parents about the realities of the condition. Of course, few actually wanted to talk with Brees about concussions, but that was his cause. Related to this fight for awareness, Brees made a fairly comical video that includes him flashing some Cash Cab-style skills. Yup, he’s the cab driver. Check out this video:

Sound FX: Haloti Ngata, Darrelle Revis, DeMarcus Ware, Patrick Willis

Four defensive superstars were revealed in the final 10 of NFL Network’s Top 100 players of 2012: Haloti Ngata, Darrelle Revis, DeMarcus Ware and Patrick Willis. Here’s an inside look at the final four from the field, as these guys were wired for sound over the past season.

Three and out: Maclin itching for action

Eagles receiver Jeremy Maclin is itching for the season to start, but a return to health isn’t the only reason he’s primed to breakout.

A look at Peyton Manning’s best commercials

While the NFL world is curious to see if Peyton Manning can regain his touch on the football field, the veteran was exercising his famed acting chops while filming a commercial for Buick according to The Associated Press. When his playing days are done in football, Manning figures to have a pretty good future acting, as evidenced by many of his previous commercials.

Bears LB Lance Briggs reflects on being a personal favorite of QB Tim Tebow…

Just got off the phone with Chicago Bears LB Lance Briggs, and I’m still laughing. The conversation was fun, with Briggs offering me some fashion advice right out of the gate. Considering he’s the NFL/New Era cap ambassador helping launch the new on-field product, he has some sway. We’ll get to all that in a day or so. But today, I’m pumped about getting to ask the seven-time Pro Bowl player about my favorite Sound FX moment of the year. Yeah, you know the one. It’s captured right here on this link. At the 1:25 mark, Broncos QB Tim Tebow inexplicably exclaims, “What up, Lance Briggs??” Then he tells Briggs he’s been waiting to play against him his whole life. […]

Am I the only one who thinks it’s OK for Tim Tebow to be… a person?

Tim Tebow’s handlers should stop managing his image so carefully and let him appear in public like an actual human every so often — for his sake and ours.

Three and out: Brees nearing return?

Saints QB Drew Brees is “hopeful” he will return to action soon, but will he be able to overcome a tumultuous offseason?

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