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Three and out: Reasons to fear Andre Johnson

Injuries and offensive philosophy are just a few of the reasons to fear Andre Johnson this season.

Reactions and reflections from a day in Allen Park for the Lions OTAs…

I thought there would be a ton to talk about at Detroit Lions minicamp, considering the kind of year the team had, the Lions’ stars, and a bunch of off-the-field things. And yeah, my head was swimming by the end. This really is a franchise on the rise, and it’s fun to watch from close up. The optimism is palpable.

Who do you got: Darrell Green or I’ll Have Another?

Who was better at running down his competition, Darrell Green or I’ll Have Another?

Lions RB Mikel LeShoure: “You make mistakes, you just gotta learn from them”

The rookie season for Lions RB Mikel LeShoure didn’t quite go as planned. He tore his Achilles and missed the whole season, then saw his offseason marred by two ugly arrests involving marijuana. Yikes. Well today in Allen Park, Mich., LeShoure took part in OTAs, which was a big step forward in his rehab. Later in the locker room, he addressed the situations for the first time. The former second-round pick from Illinois sounded confident in his ability to make better decisions, though he didn’t swear off any behavior that led to his arrests. That was slightly odd, but whatever. “You live and you learn,” LeShoure said. “Everybody makes mistakes. It’s what you do after it and how you overcome […]

Three and out: Drew Brees’ contract an issue

Contract negotiations for Saints QB Drew Brees aren’t going to progress well if the team clings to its silly assertion it should receive a discount for taking a medical risk for him in 2006.

Nine really random things and whatever else is going on around the NFL…

In the newspaper world, the football coverage for Sunday’s paper is in the form of a notes package. In the internet world, we can do notes, too. I’ve been trying to come up with some kinda feature for Sunday on the blog, and I may tweak this going forward.

The Jets and their safeties take another step forward in trying to stop the Patriots…

The Jets spent last offseason watching from their couches or golf courses while the rival Patriots made a Super Bowl run. And everywhere you turned, the attention wasn’t just on Tom Brady or Bill Belichick. The spotlight was on tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, the dynamic duo that was such a major part of one of the NFL’s best offenses. In fact, I probably said the word “Gronkle” 800 times leading up to Super Bowl XLVI. The Jets haven’t done a ton in free agency… but what they have done appears to be with an eye toward stopping the TEs. I don’t know if it’ll work, but it seems that’s the idea. There was another example yesterday when […]

My story: Examining the cautionary tales and Patriots WR Wes Welker’s future

The debate over Patriots WR Wes Welker’s future is raging. He signed his franchise tender, but then spoke out about how poorly the negotiations are going. Few don’t believe Welker is worth big money for his production now. But it’s when you get a little bit into the future when it gets dicey. Welker is, after all, 31 years old, and he has taken a lot of hits. He plays fearlessly over the middle, which may be why he’s been beat up. In discussing a possible extension, it may be instructive to look into the past. That’s what I did, examining the last two slot receivers who have starred for coach Bill Belichick — Wayne Chrebet and Troy Brown. Are […]

Why do I care that Giants legend Lawrence Taylor’s Super Bowl ring is for sale?

I was upset yesterday when I heard the news that Giants legendary LB Lawrence Taylor was selling his Super Bowl ring. We found out today that it’s really his son doing so without Taylor’s knowledge… and my outlook hasn’t changed. It still kinda sucks. Why do I care if LT sells his Super Bowl ring? I don’t know LT. Never met him, never interviewed him. I did watch him a lot as a kid growing up in New York, though, and that was fun. But he was never one of my favorite players or anything. And what he’s gone through over the past couple years off the field hasn’t done wonders for his public image. So I’ve wrestled it around […]

Three and out: Eagles lock up LeSean McCoy

The Eagles have locked up LeSean McCoy, a top-five fantasy pick in 2012, to a long-term contract extension.

Can George Clooney and Kim Kardashian officiate NFL games?

Up until this week, I thought competitions involving talented people trying to beat one another in something was about the people actually competing. But it’s not.

Why the Saints suspensions will actually help QB Drew Brees in his fight for a new contract…

This may sound a little weird… The Saints suspensions — from coach Sean Payton to GM Mickey Loomis to the players — have hurt the team. No doubt. Two key parts who built the team won’t be involved in some or all of the 2012 season, and a few players are appealing that reality, too. Some, as in the case of Jonathan Vilma, are doing so vehemently. And then there is QB Drew Brees. Hit with the exclusive version of the franchise tag, without a long-term contract, Brees is a little pissed. He didn’t mind saying so. And his comments haven’t led to any contract movement, Steve Wyche reports. Brees hasn’t said whether he’ll sign the tag if it’s that or […]

Wait, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is short? We should build a support group…

The Seahawks thought enough of Russell Wilson at rookie mini-camp to thrust him into competition for the starting QB job. Yes, even after signing free agent Matt Flynn earlier in the year. But as colleague Albert Breer tells us, little is settled with Seattle’s situation under center. That puts Wilson in an interesting position. Coach Pete Carroll has shown a propensity for allowing rookies (and freshman at USC) to thrive, and this could be another instance of that. He also loves open competitions. But here’s the thing about Wilson… he’s short. Oh, didn’t you hear? Really short. Like, 5-foot-11 (gasp!) I know, I know, it’s amazing they even let him play football at that height. It’s a charge that dogged […]

Three and out: Britt’s has second knee operation

Kenny Britt’s second knee surgery in less than one year shouldn’t have fantasy owners too worried about his 2012 value.

Three and out: Jones-Drew skipping OTAs

Maurice Jones-Drew will be skipping OTAs, but I’m not worried about him losing fantasy value. At least not just yet.

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