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Patriots fan Menounos an enduring Media Day presence

Maria Menounos is at Media Day, and you might be surprised to learn this isn’t her first rodeo. Not even close.

Super Bowl XLVI: Giants at Media Day

See the best photos from the Giants’ Super Bowl XLVI Media Day session Tuesday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Fabled Pick Boy among Media Day menagerie

Standing about 10 feet away from the media crush surrounding Patriots superman Tom Brady, a less-robust gang of reporters saddled up to Nickelodeon’s Pick Man, who attempted to explain himself.

No podium but plenty of visitors for Ochocinco

From where I’m standing, at the perimeter of the human mass surrounding Chad Ochocinco, a boom microphone is more valuable than gold.

Three and out: Palmer the starter in Oakland

The Raiders have a new GM and head coach, but they’ll have the same QB with Carson Palmer already getting the nod as Oakland’s season-opening starter for 2012.

Belichick’s wardrobe doesn’t suit Welker

If there’s a “Worst Dressed List” at Super Bowl XLVI, Wes Welker has a nominee: his coach, Bill Belichick.

Pocket Hercules seeks ‘truth’ at Media Day

Maurice Jones-Drew, the NFL’s reigning rushing champion, dropped by Media Day in search of “the truth.”

Ventrone’s the Suburban Poet, don’t you know it?

If Ross Ventrone‘s on-again/off-again act with the Patriots ever ends, a second career is in the works.

Now for the news: Gronkowski’s ankle feels better

The bulk of Media Day questions hurled at Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski concerned his left ankle, which he hurt during the AFC Championship Game two weeks ago and provides the only major injury storyline of this Super Bowl.

Bill Belichick will not humor you on Media Day

Apparently, the greatest challenge in Media Day is trying to get Bill Belichick to play along with your dumb comedy bits.

Super Bowl XLVI: Patriots at Media Day

See the best photos from the Patriots’ Super Bowl XLVI Media Day session Tuesday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

There’s room for two Bradys at Media Day

Tom Brady should be sitting at podium No. 10 on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium, but instead, he’s chillin’ in the lower deck behind the Giants’ sideline.

It’s the big game before the big game: Media Day

Thought we’d never make it to Lucas Oil Stadium, thanks to some tight security, but we’re coming to you live from what will be the Giants’ sideline five days from now.

Countdown to the Super Bowl: 5 days

We are now five days from the Super Bowl, and all I can think about is one for the thumb.

My (brief) time embedded in Giants players’ entourage

Justin Tuck and Mathias Kiwanuka made the long walk from their team hotel to “NFL Total Access” set Monday, fans fawning along the way. One reporter was embedded in the Giants players’ entourage.

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