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Five ‘Eye in the Sky’ matchups for Week 4

Up to this point, we have avoided targeting the real stars of today’s NFL — the pass catchers. So, to all the gun-slinging divas and sticky-gloved jockeys out there, this is your week.

Cole on Eagles: ‘We’re not the dream team’

As Trent Cole sees it, the Eagles are more “team” and less “dream.” Cole is just the latest to try to put some distance between the Eagles and the”Dream Team” moniker, telling NFL Network he “totally hates” the label.

Three and out: Broncos’ McGahee to start

Willis McGahee is expected to start Sunday against Green Bay, but Knowshon Moreno could cut into his production.

Redefining fantasy running back success, Part II

Top fantasy running backs are a commodity, but Jason Smith says they’re not one that you should gut your roster to get.

First and 10: Approaching the quarter pole

Week 4 marks the end of the first quarter of the season, a significant landmark for most coaches, and that means a lot of teams will have their first-quarter “grade” on the line when they take the field this weekend.

Cowboys’ James says teams track officiating crews

Cowboys LB Bradie James let everyone in on a secret Thursday. It might not be the biggest secret for some.

Best: Lions ‘can play with anybody’

Jahvid Best puffed out his chest just a little bit Thursday on “Around the League,” saying the Lions “can play with anybody” when they’re on their game.

Mason sees double standard in protecting QBs

We’d never go so far as to expect Jets WR Derrick Mason to be soft-spoken. But it took us by surprise to hear Mason — an offensive player, mind you — tell NFL Network that the league has a double standard when it comes to protecting quarterbacks.

Flacco says Ravens don’t need wake-up call

No one we know expected the Ravens to have the perfect season. But after a season-opening win over the Steelers, most didn’t expect the Ravens to get beat up by the Titans in Week 2, either.

Tale of the Tape: Pittsburgh at Houston

At 2-1, both Houston and Pittsburgh need to make a statement in this game. The Steelers want to show they are still a contender after starting the season with an embarrassing loss to the Ravens. The Texans, on the other hand, are coming off of a stunning loss to the Saints last week and need to prove that they are a playoff-caliber team.

Data Points: Megatron is a scoring machine

Thanks to his hot start here in 2011, Lions WR Calvin Johnson has vaulted to the top of the list among players with the most receiving TDs since 2009. Too bad the player he passed last week — Miles Austin — is still injured and won’t be able to go head-to-head with Megatron when the Lions and Cowboys face off this Sunday.

Re-defining fantasy running back success

Not every back can be LeSean McCoy. In fact, Jason Smith says if you have Ahmad Bradshaw, you’re doing alright.

Three and out: Gates out until Week 7?

Antonio Gates doesn’t look any closer to returning from a pesky foot injury, leaving fantasy owners scrambling.

Playbook mailbag: Should Patriots be concerned?

Every week, our cyber sack of mail gets heavier. More questions come in, and the quality isn’t deluded one bit.
Heading into Week 4 of our WRWW (War Room Wisdom Wednesday) mailbag, we have received inquiries from coast to coast – and some from overseas.

First and 10: Joined in life, and in death

The Philadelphia Eagles defense of the late 1980s and early 1990s was one of the best in NFL history, and its two linchpins, Jerome Brown and Reggie White, both died tragically young. Learn more about Brown and White in episode 3 of ‘A Football Life.’

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