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McCarthy to Packers: ‘Just don’t look into the lights’

Mike McCarthy was the second coach to take the podium on Monday. Here are a few highlights from his session with the media:

Clay Matthews: ‘I’ve got great hair’

Packers LB Clay Matthews recounts his days as an intern at NFL Network and offers at least one more legitimate reason as to why he should have been named the AP Defensive Player of the Year on Monday during an interview with Rich Eisen and the crew of “NFL Total Access.”

Packers great Lofton ready for alumni game

Steelers and Packers, who do you got? The Steelers have won the most Super Bowl championships, but the Packers have the most NFL titles. Titletown vs. Sixburgh.

Pick VI: Memorable Media Day moments

In some respects, Media Day has become an industry self-congratulatory event, where members of the media jostle for attention to try to show just how clever they can be. Kind of like the Golden Globes.

Here is a look at the top six moments.

CBs are key difference in Packers’ 3-4 defense

If there is a difference between the 3-4 defenses of the Packers and Steelers — and I think there is — in my mind it’s the youth and talent of Packers cornerbacks Sam Shields, Tramon Williams and Charles Woodson.

Jennings’ podium a lonely place

With so many media members at the Packers’ media session at their team hotel, why did nobody care to talk to Greg Jennings? Did he do something to get them mad?

Packers hit the ground at Super Bowl XLV

Making the process of watching NFL players de-board a plane as compelling as humanly possible, NFL Network’s Scott Hanson, Steve Mariucci and Jamie Dukes take you through the arrival of the Packers at Super Bowl XLV on Monday.

It’s impossible to over-hype the beard

We all have those Christmas presents that we don’t use. A tie rack, an automated coin sorter and any CD bought at Wal-Mart that edits out all the profanity. For the Steelers’ Brett Keisel, it is a razor his wife gave to him. From this side view, it is obvious that razor won’t be used.

Tomlin: Steelers will ’embrace it all’ during Super Bowl week

Mike Tomlin spent about 15 minutes at the podium Monday during his introductory news conference to kick off Super Bowl week, and immediately set the tone for the Steelers.

Dallas’ dynamic duo

Super Bowl XLV Host Committee chairman (and Hall of Famer) Roger Staubach and’s Gil Brandt at the media center. For those who don’t know, it was Brandt who drafted Staubach for the Cowboys in 1964.

Is Staubach rooting against Steelers?

Roger Staubach lost two Super Bowls against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the ’70s. So is it painful for Staubach — chairman of the Super Bowl XLV Host Committee — to see his Super Bowl rival playing in the big game this week? Maybe…

Steelers arrive in North Texas

And now, our first video footage of football players for Super Bowl week. The Steelers arrived in North Texas on Monday.

Monday on radio row shows reality bites

The first day of radio row has the same feeling as the opening act of a rock festival. You know the cool stuff and main eventers are going to be along shortly. But for now, enjoy the Aqua Bats on the side stage!

Pro Bowl not your typical game, as expected

The Pro Bowl was kind of funny to watch, definitely entertaining. And that’s just what you’d expect from the game.

Call it the Blue-Collar Bowl

When Super Bowl week officially kicks off Monday morning, fans will be bombarded with every bit of Super Bowl minutiae imaginable. So let’s get a jump on that with perhaps the most trivial of observations regarding the game. And here it is…

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